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Top Digital Marketing Campaigns and Strategies in 2020

A brand today is built not just by offline marketing but also through the modern and heterogeneous online marketing tools and techniques. Digital marketing is always a preferred option where the online platform is exhausted in every possible way so that your brand reaches maximum audience and your sales improves. It is favourable, as whatever you spend can be traced back to its sources unlike the offline measures where even one penny once lost, becomes untraceable.

To master this useful tool, following guidelines are to be majorly followed:

  • Identify: Identify your target audience, your goals and the strategies needed to reach those goals.
  • Evaluate Channels and Use of Right Technology: Once you have determined your goals, study and seek out the best digital marketing channels and technology to incorporate your strategies and plan.
  • Track: Track the response to your plans and further improve your strategies as needed.

Digital Marketing has led to an evolution in the field of marketing as each and every brand, whether small or big, is investing in this ingenious method. Each company believes in reaching their customers through the online platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. so as to gain loyalty and enhanced customer interest in their product. The more creative and presentable one makes its brand online, the more viewers it earns. Therefore, it becomes very important to design your Digital Marketing campaigns efficiently.

Some examples of Top Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2020 are given below:

  1. PhonePe
    This is an eye-catching ad that has created a buzz in the target audience about PhonePe and its services. This ad has Alia Bhatt in the lead cast opposite a woman in a powerful role who handles the survival of her household in this patriarchal Indian society. It breaks the image of man being a bread earner and provider of the house. There is gender equality where the bills can be taken care of by either member of the house.The ad has also reached out by showcasing how convenient it has become for a person to do the tedious job of paying bills or searching for hotels as endorsed by brand ambassador Amir Khan. It is promoted as a one-shop-stop solution for all your needs of finding, booking, paying and more. One can use it during their work suitably thus making it arresting. It has earmarked Rs. 800Cr on its marketing strategies, like advertising on Youtube, to further its brand among masses.
  2. British Airways
    The way to an Indian’s heart is respecting emotions and culture of the Indian Society. If you have mastered the art of respecting them, then you can capture their hearts as well. This ad is remarkable as it has also touched the issue of the elderly missing their children away from home. It targets all ages of audiences who get ‘Fuelled by Love’ after watching this ad.The ad has also connected itself with people through the beautiful description of Indian culture, where we see the foreigner enjoying the Indian spiced food, cultural dance, Indian music and embroidery gifted by the old lady. All in all, it is an ad showcasing the care taken by the flight attendants and has therefore bonded with Indians on almost every possible level. It has been shared on all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  3. Coca-Cola Summer TVC
    Featuring the popular and gorgeous actress Deepika Padukone, this ad is fun filled and joyous. It matches the brand image precisely as the brand sells itself mostly in summers when a cold soda drink becomes a necessity.In the ad, we see Deepika Padukone as herself, which heightens the brand endorsement. The waiter and celebrity break the ice over a drink of Coca-Cola thus highlighting the fact that Coca Cola brings people together in spite of them being from any corner of the world. This same ad is showcased with Diljit Dosanjh and Asanor thus targeting all types of audience, both male and female fans.
  4. Vicks
    Putting forth the basic principle ‘Everyone has equal Rights’, it leaves every individual speechless and in tears through the story of Gauri Sawant, a transgender who alone raises a girl, Gayatri as her own. One of the issues prevailing in the Indian society is how transgenders face a lot of hardships and that they also deserve the ‘#TouchofCare’, which is what Vicks has been campaigning for. The ideal of everyone deserving love and care in the family is promoted efficiently.Thus, through this brilliant and heart-rending ad, Vicks has created an everlasting impact on its customer’s mind. It was put up on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube where it reached about 10 million views.
  5. Surf Excel
    The famous festival where colours unite India as one nation, Holi is depicted in a mesmerizing way. A child has set his mind on uniting his father and his uncle on this festival through the medium of colours. It strums the right string of people’s heart as the stains of colours on the child’s clothes made by his father prove to be a powerful symbol of the families reuniting, otherwise separated by personal issues, therefore endorsing the tagline of Surf Excel ‘Daag Ache Hain’.This ad contains the right kind of music to touch every customer emotionally. The timing of release of this ad is also very appropriate as it was released a few days before the festival of Holi. It has been heavily endorsed on platforms like Facebook and Youtube, where the ad has reached around 31 million views.

Ads like these are timeless and create an ever-lasting impact on the minds of people who come across it and deepens the association with the brand. These ads are an example of what brands can do with the craft of social storytelling to enhance their brand reach.

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