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MDH: The King of Masalas & Every India’s Heart: A Marketing Case Study


Founded in 1919 by late Shri Chunni lal Gulati, MDH Masala is an inspiring tale of Rags to Riches. The spices brand in India has been graced by the love of millions of people not just India but across the world with demand of products from different regions. MDH masalas are fondly remembered for its “Asli Masale Sach Sach M-D-H .. MDH”, which led to beginning of an era that inspired several brands to venture into creating a jingle to identify their brand with and that will stick in the mind of the customers and influence their buying behaviour.

MDH offers a range of 62 products available in 150 different packages designed to address the varied needs of the consumers all over the world. As one of the top digital agencies in Gurgaon, we have curated a piece to help you better understand the brand and its marketing and promotional strategy to gain target audience.

What are the Ingredients of this Strong Brand-MDH?

MDH has its workplaces in Dubai and London and exports around 100 nations. At more than 95 years of age and as yet running, MDH now offers a range of 62 products that are loved by the world in more than 150 packages. The brand keeps on introducing new flavour spices. The organization has five cutting edge processing plants to fulfill the developing need for spices over the world. From ground single spices to aromatic zest mixes, MDH produces it all.

The brand has gotten inseparable from great taste and luscious flavour. MDH, that has in excess of 60 items, gets a greater part of its deals from three variations – Deggi Mirch, Chat Masala and Chana Masala – each selling approximately a crore packets each month.

The company attributes its success to its supply-chain -from contract farming and sourcing spices from Karnataka and Rajasthan to Afghanistan and Iran.

Aside from that, Three perspectives that are critical for his organization and item are – true work, quality item, and reasonable costs. The proprietor of around 80% stake in the organization, Dharampal regularly visits his industrial facility and the market to guarantee things are running easily.

MDH had posted a net profit of Rs 213 crore while its total revenues were Rs 924 crore last fiscal, according to The Economic Times.

Market Share
MDH is one of the leaders in its category with over 12% market share. MDH is an undisputed leader in North India with over 70% of the market share under its belt.

Target Segmentation

  • North Indian, Eastern and Rajasthani people prefer Spicy food
  • South Indians prefer Black Pepper and Sambhar Masala
  • Foreigners prefer Chicken Masala

Target Positioning

  • Traditional
  • Hygienic
  • Full of Flavour
  • Tasty

Marketing & Advertising
MDH has a huge brand recall which has helped the brand to maintain its market position in India for over 100+ years. The brand believes in Pull Strategy rather than push by putting emphasis on TV ads since 1984.

The brand focuses on establishing its authenticity and ‘traditional’ vibe with all its communication. You may never have seen anything apart from a Television ad, we bet, but the MDH is present on digital platforms and its engaging with its potential audience by leveraging social media tactics and beyond. As the best social media optimization company, we believe that apart from TV promotions, there is more that the brands potential audience can experience on any digital / social media platform.

Here are some marketing tactics that have helped MDH factor in growth since 1919:

  1. Most of the marketing of the company is done through TV ads with a tagline “Asli Masale Sach Sach MDH”.
  2. The company also spends on newspaper ads for the branding.
  3. Social Media platforms are also used by the company to reach a lot of people.
  4. MDH has a dedicated YouTube channel to launch new TVC campaigns apart from being socially present on Instagram and Facebook. Though the brand has a Twitter account, but they hardly post anything there.

Marketing and Promotions done by MDH Masala
MDH has a gigantic brand recall and has kept up it branding and marketing methodology for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time. They have intensive marketing done via print, TV and digital mediums. They also have a good offline marketing strategy by advertising in local magazines, food magazines, women centric magazines and hoardings.

The proprietor of the brand is found in all the ads, commercials or promotions which have assisted the brand with having quite a solid recall in the minds of individuals.

MDH Masala has been actively involved in charitable and social causes and even maintains Mahashay Chuni Lal Trust for the benefit of needy people. It has opened hospital, schools and has been involved in several events that promote harmony in the community.

Some classic MDH Advertising:
Every ad ever made by MDH features the owner of the company Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati which is unique, and hence, has a very prominent recall value in the minds of the consumers.

  • Nature Jaisi Shudta
    This was an ad made to promote the natural ingredients used for making the species and depict their purity.
  • Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati Journey Ad
    This ad was published in the year 2017, which focused on the journey of the owner and how he has been associated with all the processes of the company that has reached such great heights.
  • Social Media (Facebook and Instagram)

Being present on Social media platforms is critical for any brand to improve brand recognition and customer retention, and as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR, we have found that MDH has been able to successfully tap into its customers mind using digital platforms as the market share of MDH is constantly improving over the years. Need of the hour is to go digital, and as the best social media optimization services provider in Gurgaon, we believe that MDH is trying to establish its digital presence.

Facebook Social Media Posts-

Instagram Social Media Posts-


Benefitting from State Food Wars-


What lies ahead?

With the death of the CEO and the face of MDH masalas, chances are the brand may soon move towards a more modern look and feel to capture younger generation, which may make the brand re-think its marketing and advertising budget. Though, by leveraging the pull strategy, brand has been able to do quite well in the market without spending much on advertising, so, it may continue – but if the brand has to improve its market share, investing in marketing and advertising will play great role!