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Unleashing the AI Threat: Will Advertising World Face a Writers’ Protest?


Not until the day Artificial Intelligence starts understanding human emotions and emoting the same. AI writing tools are only useful in a digital marketing company when you are out of words or you are running behind the clock.

I was using the OpenAI tool to generate a new tagline for KFC. I gave it the right prompt with the right intent. But, all it gave me – was versions of “it’s finger-lickin’ good”.

The response of the AI tool gave away the answer regarding if advertising and creative copywriting will face threats from AI or not.

Nevertheless, AI tools have started putting an irreversible impact on artistic and creative jobs like writing, illustrating, designing, etc. Several writers’ groups in America and Europe have voiced their concerns regarding AI copying their works to mimic.

Writers’ Protest in Hollywood

At this very minute, American writers are protesting against the AI tools right in front of Hollywood. So far, AI writing or image-generating tools are mimicking art forms of humans and not giving something of theirs. It is not AI’s fault. Whatever IT or developers have fed them, they are generating content on the same line. Writers in America are not under threat of AI but under the threat of cheap copies that AI can produce for the ‘bosses’.

Advertising is all about Human Emotions

However, the advertising realm is a bit different from the Hollywood universe. Advertising runs on society and human emotions. An ad is not good enough until it does not strike the audience’s nerve with its message. Clear communication, clear emotions, clear wordings, and powerful delivery. AI writing tools offer decent assistance for outlining articles or giving one-off headline alternatives. Still and all, if you are looking for AI tools to capture stories, copywriting, and big ideas — then these tools fall short.

AI Tools Cannot Experience Human World

Advertising is all about how you paint a black canvas with emotions and words. Your words define the story or the emotion. 

Experience matters while writing a copy or weaving a story for an ad. AI does not know what kind of white shade Tide detergent offers. AI does not know if Tomato sauce should taste tangy or sweet. Can AI write one line defining the selling USP of a burger? It cannot. 

“It’s Finger Lickin’ Good”, the famous tagline of KFC highlights how much you are going to like their food. 

AI cannot taste food, it cannot taste water or drinks. AI cannot travel or dance or wear a diamond necklace. It cannot give the human touch to the words. 
It can only define human emotions with lots of big words. Take the Cue.

Collaboration is the Take Away

Nowhere the point of this article is to undermine the aid of AI tools in a digital marketing company. AI has a lot to offer. 

AI writing tools offer an array of features: 

  • content generation, 
  • copywriting 
  • ad campaign optimisation. 

We, the writers can easily get our hands on these features and make the most out of them. By harnessing the strengths of AI, such as speed and data analysis, and combining them with human creativity and contextual understanding, a powerful synergy can be achieved. The partnership between AI and humans can help streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and unlock new possibilities in advertising.

Let’s not create more confusion. We are humans and we need resources to go on with our lives. We are not some machines which need updates from the IT sector in the form of AI. 

The future lies in a harmonious collaboration between AI and human copywriters, harnessing the strengths of both to unlock the full potential of advertising in the digital age.