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Enhancing Your Marketing Skills: A Unique Selection of Indian-authored Books


In the dynamic world of marketing, constant improvement is the hallmark of the best marketers, regardless of their current proficiency. If you’re on the lookout for unconventional and lesser-known marketing literature to further elevate your skills, we’ve compiled a list of exceptional books authored by Indian writers that cater to marketing communication agencies and digital marketing companies.

Decoding the Digital Jungle

Unveiling the Digital Wilderness

Authored by digital marketing experts from Social Beat, “Decoding the Digital Jungle” delves into the multifaceted realm of digital marketing and the strategies employed by marketers to capitalize on this medium for amplified sales and revenue. Similar to the awe-inspiring migration of wildebeest and zebras across savannahs, the past two decades have witnessed a monumental migration, with over 500 million Indians transitioning to the online realm. This migration has spurred the exponential growth of digital marketing. This book provides newcomers with a guide to navigate this digital terrain, brimming with case studies and invaluable insights. “Decoding the Digital Jungle” offers a safari through marketing concepts, seamlessly transitioning from conventional to digital paradigms. To grasp the authors’ expertise, explore their YouTube Channel hosting a knowledge series named Digital Bytes.

Nawabs, Nudes, Noodles

From Nawabs to Noodles: A Journey through Indian Advertising

In the uniquely titled “Nawabs, Nudes, Noodles,” Ambi Parameswaran, an advertising veteran, unravels the tale of Indian advertising over the past five decades. The author meticulously studies and dissects more than a hundred advertisements, illustrating how advertisements draw inspiration from politics, culture, society, and more. Immerse yourself in this book to gain profound insights into the Indian advertising landscape.


 A Creative Journey

Written by Indian advertising luminary Piyush Pandey, “Pandeymonium” is not just a biography but also a concise history of advertising and its evolution. The book intertwines captivating anecdotes and experiences from his tenure at Ogilvy, along with his passion for cricket. Piyush Pandey delves into his role in building brands like Fevicol, Vodafone, and IPL, shedding light on how inspiration stems from everyday life.

Marketing Unplugged – Spotting the Elephants in the Room

Unplugging Marketing: Unconventional Strategies

Imagine having a toolkit of innovative techniques at your disposal to craft inventive marketing strategies. “Marketing Unplugged – Spotting the Elephants in the Room” by Suman Srivastava offers precisely that. This book brims with scholarly yet engaging concepts that invigorate your marketing approach.

The 30-Second Thrillers

30 Seconds of Creative Insight

“30 Second Thrillers” by KV Sridhar, also known as Pops, provides a unique perspective. From a humble beginning as a Bollywood film billboard painter to becoming the National Creative Director of Leo Burnett India, Pops takes you behind the scenes of beloved ads, tracing their evolution from Doordarshan days to the YouTube era. He engages with creative heads and directors across generations, transforming advertising stories into captivating narratives.

India Reloaded: Inside India’s Resurgent Consumer Market

Navigating India’s Consumer Market

Dheeraj Sinha’s “India Reloaded: Inside India’s Resurgent Consumer Market” challenges misconceptions about Indian consumers. This book offers a refreshing and authentic perspective on the Indian consumer market, debunking myths and providing valuable insights for marketing professionals.

Brand Shastra: Use the Power of Marketing to Transform Your Life

Marketing as a Life-Transforming Power

In “Brand Shastra: Use the Power of Marketing to Transform Your Life,” Mainak Dhar, renowned for his diverse literary works, discusses marketing from primary promotions to B2B tactics. Going beyond theories, the book uncovers the science and rationale underpinning marketing strategies.

Incorporating these unique Indian-authored books into your reading list can provide fresh perspectives and insights for marketing communication agencies and digital marketing companies. These books not only enrich your knowledge but also fuel innovation within your marketing endeavours.