Top 3 Social Media and Advertising Trends of 2021

For the past two years, there has been an increase in the number of social media users and their activities. It has resulted in an increase in marketing leverage across all social media channels. The Pandemic has acted as a catalyst for an increase in users and activities. There have been some hard-to-ignore trends emerged that have impacted social media marketing and advertising habits into 2021.

Every day, advertising agencies and marketing experts are realizing the infinite power of social media marketing. Social media channels have made it very easy to identify, target, advertise and sell products and services to the right target audiences while keeping data in hand. If You want to increase your Business hire an Advertising Agency in Gurgaon

Due to such activities, the landscape of social media has been evolving fast, which calls for all strategists and marketing experts to acknowledge the changing and shifting trends of advertising. 

> Rise in story formats 

The story format has comprised of Ephemeral content. Ephemeral content entices users to explore more of any story or short content. Snapchat was the first one to come out with the story format on its interface and since then, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp have started using the trend. 

Brands use such formats by creating engaging content keeping the duration to 15 to 30 secs. Brands’ loyal social media followers keep their eyes on the ads. This plays an important role in bringing new followers on a day-to-day basis. 

> Storytelling in the Shortest way possible 

Storytelling through video in the shortest duration possible always attracts viewers. Not just viewers, it garners huge followers in a very short period. Time plays an important factor as many of the users don’t have the patience to watch 5 minute or 10 minute long videos. That is the main reason why Instagram reels or TikTok format videos are working. The recipe is- simple, crisp, entertaining storytelling in short form. 

> Astounding AI tracking of Data 

A lot of brands are pushing their ads on every social media channel to promote their products and services. The mammoth task is to track the optimization to compare the performance with the competitors. This is where AI enters. AI can read and track data a thousand times faster than humans. AI-tracking takes ad optimization to a whole new level.

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