digital marketing strategies for insurance industry

Digital Marketing Plan for Insurance Industry in the Wake of COVID-19

A global health crisis can either paralyze the industry or can strengthen it to outperform in the times to come. Well, that’s what we are observing during the global pandemic. As the spread of the deadly virus continues to spread, only some of the essential industries are operating to ensure that there is no shortage in supplies.

So, this is the time you need to back your customers by showing concerns that you care for them. Well, you must be thinking how can we do that? The answer is ‘devising the best digital marketing strategies for your business’ that conveys the message of care and having your back. Digital marketing platforms present an enormous opportunity for insurance agents to connect with customers online. It doesn’t need a huge investment to get started with. Let’s have a look at how insurance agents can target an audience:

  • Go Social: Social media thrives to grow at an unprecedented rate. Insurance companies engage customers’ through social media platforms by tapping on various content marketing strategies as COVID-19’s impact on consumer behaviour and attitudes cannot be understated. Businesses need to move forward by showcasing genuine empathy to the customers and by devising pocket-friendly insurance plans that can be easily conveyed to the audience using social media platforms.

    As people are confined to their homes and are present abundantly online on digital marketing platforms, insurance companies can go live with some of the experts to share their insights and also answer customers’ questions. Make sure you reach out to some of the top social media agencies in India for unleashing the business potential through social networking platforms.

  • Revamp your Website Design: According to the customer behaviour and loyalty in Insurance report by Bain and Company, more than half of all insurance holders choose a provider only after conducting research on digital platforms. A website is a digital identity for the insurance companies as it communicates your brand image to the audience and provides a useful resource for information. Insurance companies need to reach out to some of the best integrated marketing and communication agencies in Gurgaon to build an interactive, user-friendly website and a customized website in order to impress customers and drive digital sales.
  • Embrace the Inbound Marketing Approach: By unleashing the power of social media, optimising the search engine and creating the best website design, marketers and insurance agents can tap upon the inbound marketing approach which enables you to attract, engage and delight potential and current clients. They could organize free webinars or various insurance and investment related topics which would educate and inform your clients and prospects about the issue and you can offer a solution.

    While interested attendees sign up to learn more about the solution, those who aren’t interested can be sent an invite to connect with you through your social media handles to learn the tips that can help safeguard their business against other risks. Insurance companies can provide a holistic inbound marketing experience by leveraging all possible avenues to connect and build a long-term relationship with your clients. But this won’t happen without reaching out the best performance marketing agencies in Gurgaon.

  • Prioritize Communication with Email Marketing: To maintain a healthy relationship with the customers, businesses need to communicate regularly through emails. Even with the evolution of digital marketing, one of the most effective tools continues to be email marketing. To maximize your email marketing efforts, you need to keep sharing authentic information and devise point content strategies, tailor each email according to the needs of the clients for maximizing the chances of getting a response and addressing the pain points of the customers to engage with your clients in a well-crafted email.

    Reach out to the top email marketing companies in Delhi NCR for top email marketing strategies.

  • Influence Purchasing Decision by Storytelling: Many marketers agree that video content is a major influencer when it comes to successful social media engagement. When incorporating video into your digital marketing mix, be sure the content is brief, easy to digest and well produced. As an insurance agency, video marketing is a great medium to connect as it presents a huge opportunity to influence purchase decisions, establish your brand and position yourself as a thought leader through video. To tell your brand story to a wider number of people, you need to best optimise it for YouTube and promote it on social media platforms to engage better with the customers. For marketing your video, consult some of the best marketing video production services.
  • Mobilize your Marketing: With the introduction of mobile, going digital has become even easies. Easy to implement, mobile marketing is fast and direct, and it’s easy to track. With mobile marketing, your prospects’ activities are very easy to track; either users click on the provided links – or they do not. Having a solid grasp of the click-through-rate of a campaign can provide you with valuable data to use when developing future-ready digital marketing campaigns. Thus, it is necessary for optimising digital platforms for small screens and developing the best paid marketing campaigns. To achieve it you need to reach out to top PPC companies in Gurgaon.

Digital marketing has a number of clear advantages for insurance companies. While this segment has traditionally not been active on digital platforms, it’s clear that making the shift during the pandemic will help insurance companies widen their audience and gain more visibility.

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