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Latest Instagram Short-Video feature Reel: Yay or Nay for Businesses?

It won’t be wrong to call Instagram Reels an effective yet underestimated feature of Instagram. Undoubtedly, Reels are an amazing source of entertainment for the users but can they play any role in your marketing strategies? Let’s find out!

The leading social media optimization services in Gurgaon consider Instagram Reel as a significant tool in the creation of a successful brand. No surprise that from social media influencers such as Kusha Kapila, Kanan Gill, Dolly Singh to top brands like Myntra, Netflix and FilterCopy, are working hard in creating some really interesting videos with this new feature.

So, What are Instagram Reels, and how are they useful for your business marketing? Here is our Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels:

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is the latest feature to create fun and interesting video content. This allows creators to produce short 15-second videos and spark them up with a short audio clip.

Instagram ensured to keep the “reel” feeling alive by allowing endless scrolling through your favorite content which is based on your likes, interests, followers and engagements.

Yes, sounds very similar to TikTok, on one of the most loved video platforms, Instagram is your chance to attract a massive follower base for your business.

Instagram Reels Tactics that may work for Your Brand:

  • Create New Challenges:

    From #SavageChallenge to #24HourChallenge, introducing an online challenge is the perfect way to take social media by storm. This is because people love participating in challenges, and the more people participate, the more your brand grows.

    The best social media marketing agency in Gurgaon found that this is an amazing strategy to get into the limelight and reach a lot of new followers. It is also important to be a part of the ongoing trend, so while creating new challenges, do not miss out on participating in the ongoing challenges in your niche.

  • Work With Influencers:

    The top digital agencies in Gurgaon understands that Influencer marketing has always been an effective strategy when it comes to social media. While creating Instagram Reels, it is best to collaborate with Influencers because such influencers have their own loyal fan-base which directly uplifts the credibility of your brand.

    Note: It is not important to post such content on your brand page. Renowned brand Nike collaborates with Influencer to showcase their products in the influencer’s profile.

  • Share Behind-the-scenes Videos:

    Customers loves to be part of an organization, and sharing inside videos or employee videos gives a sense of relativity to the customers. It motivates the viewers to trust your brand and engage with it.

    Some behind-the-scenes ideas you can try:

    • Share the manufacturing process videos.
    • Share your brand vision and mission.
    • Share your team moments.
    • Share your brand events or special occasions.
    • Share success stories.
  • Share Educational Content:

    The best social media optimization services in Gurgaon witnessed that People love those brands who add value to their lives, and creating long videos might seem like a difficult task but creating a short Reel is an amazing way to share educational content with your followers.

    Just stay in your niche, and create a short, simple and easy to follow tutorial which solves customers’ problems, explains your new product, how-to guide, and much more.

If you are willing to make the best use of Instagram Reels to boost your brand awareness and reach more potential customers, then you should leave no stones unturned. It is always suggested to get in touch with the best digital agency in Gurgaon, which will assist you in creating an outstanding social media marketing strategy for your brand.

The Marcom Avenue is always happy to help clients who are in a dilemma, as we dare to think different.

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