Increasing footfalls to your Store through Google Ads

People from all walks of life, pacing towards your store!- this is every store owner’s conscientious intent.

Any store owner can give people gentle nudges towards their store. Offline marketing endeavors are built to impact the audience to get them to the store. Distribution of pamphlets, newspaper coupons,human marquee etc. are all efforts to put the store in front of the consumer’s range of vision.

The range of vision of customers has expanded beyond just the physical space of advertising. Each store owner needs to take his/her gentle nudges online as well. Gentle nudges are subtle suggestions that the store gives to its patrons to remind them that, “We are open! Bring your business to us!”

A store owner, largely in retail, can use Google ads to maximize footfall to the store. Google ads is a value added b2c digital marketing and digital advertising tool for demographic targeting.

Store Visit Campaigns

Store visit campaign is a good use of Google ad campaign. Any creative agency in Delhi would encourage store managers to look into this idea, as we plan out the details for your convenience and assured results.

Google ads aren’t just there for increasing traffic on your website, or limited to advertising your digital business. Although many people might be stuck on the idea that Google Ads are.
Benefits of such campaigns are-

1. The showroom, outlet, institute or any business that has a physical embodiment can tell people or locals around the place about their business. They can create selective brand awareness so that lead generation is amplified in a narrow spectrum.

2. Specified call to action selected during campaign is what will drive the campaign to increase footfall.

How will any digital marketing agency in Gurgaon do it? Let us convey you the secrets of the trade.

Here is a gist of how to DIY.

Steps to conduct a store visit campaign- Highlights

Select new campaign option. This gives the digital marketing agency many options to choose from. These choices are goals for any virtual business to achieve through any campaign on Google Ads.

Since the goal- Increase store footfall, isn’t for any virtual business; you cannot choose any of the predetermined choices. Creating a campaign without a goal’s guidance is a wise choice. After selecting the goal, let’s move on to the next thing.

Next step is the campaign type. Campaign type gives the choice of format It is what type of advertisement format is to be run. Formats are what keep the audience engaged. Audience engagement is a valuable asset to hold in digital marketing. Engagement is what reels any potential customer in. Engagement is the spark of interest that a Google Ad needs to ignite in any viewer. Developing engaging material to post online is tricky business. How to cut through the noise? Digital marketing companies in Gurgaon can help any business in it.

The next few steps are as basic as any other Google Ad campaign. You select the demographic and geographic location of the target audience you want to the advertisement to show in front of. After that select the accurate Google bid and you can calculate the performance of any ad through Google Analytics.
If any query arises, always know we are here for your convenience.

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