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How to Design and Launch a Digital Multi-channel Marketing Campaign

In order to build brand loyalty in the present times of competitive landscape, you need to make sure that you are everywhere your customers are.

A multi-channel marketing approach can help you craft the correct message through your consumers’ preferred mediums. You will better understand a specific marketing need better and your overall result on investment is likely to significantly increase.

As buying across several services continues to grow, the best marketing communication agencies would suggest that businesses must invest in multi-channel marketing campaigns in order to boost their brand’s exposure to their targeted customers.

What is Multi-Channel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing basically refers to the use of the scores of marketing channels to engage prospective customers. With over 70% of consumers using multiple channels such as Google Ads, Facebook ads, Billboards and Email Marketing, this kind of marketing has gained much importance in the rapidly changing scenario.

On a closer look, people look at various channels to make the final decision whether to buy or not to buy the product or services.

Also, multi-channel marketing applies to both online and offline mediums. Budding and existing entrepreneurs can in a hassle-free manner invest in email marketing and social media marketing (online).

Moreover, you can invest in traditional marketing mediums such as Television ads, billboards and direct mails. The major aim should be to create and connect with valuable customers.

Researchers across the globe have also revealed that multi-channel marketing often leads to more purchases. On an everage, a customer spends around 3-4 times more than single-channel customers. Not only that, customers who see ads on various channels also have a 25% higher conversion rate than those who notice them via a single channel.

How to Implement a multi-channel Marketing Campaign in 3 easy steps?

In case you wish to build a multi-channel marketing campaign for your business, you need to choose your channels, provide appropriate content, create channel specific assets and keep a track of your campaign performance. Sounds easy, well, here it is-

Step 1: Choose Channels Based on Research

The first step is to do the research thoroughly and dig into the metrics you need to know to design a campaign. Commence by analysing your customer data in order to see which channels have led to satisfactory results in the previous times. You must also identify channels that have a high ROI along with the high customer engagement.

These steps would help you find the successful channels for each customer segment. You can also look for patterns to see what people of your target audience are going through certain channels. You can easily find out if older ones residing in small cities are using more Facebook or the kids in the metropolitan cities are more addicted to instagram.

Notably, there is no rule about the minimum number of channels but using between 4 to 6 aides to get a manageable start.

Step 2: Create Channel-Specific Assets

You cannot create a single advertisement and launch it across all the variety of channels. Ensure that the content on different channels is unique and fits the particular platform.

For instance, if you are targeting probable customers via Google ads, you will want crisp and concise writing that can grab millions of eyeballs.

Also, depending on your budget, hire graphic designers, writers and videographers to help create content across different channels. Your team should have the ability to design in different formats and understand the distinction.

Step 3: Track Campaign performance across channels

Once your content and research are in place, you need to track the performance of your campaigns. Choose an appropriate model such as First-click attribution, Last-click attribution, Time-decay attribution to determine which channel is most effective for your brand. These models can help you uncover how people are engaging within different channels and what steps they are taking before converting.

We, as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR, would recommend that you design a campaign using various channels that work best for your industry. It can range from Public Relations to Search Engine Optimization, from Social Media Marketing to OOH Advertisement.

So, do the research and thorough analysis, and invest right in to draw potential audience towards your brand using more than just one marketing channel.

How can The Marcom Avenue, an integrated marketing agency, help?

We, at The Marcom Avenue, provide an all-encompassing marketing experience, from digital branding, experiential, Public Relations and Advertisement to Tech Development and Film Production. Not only do we offer creative solutions that are innovative but an experience that is influential too. Hence, if you are looking for one of the best digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR.

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