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How to create content on LinkedIn to attract Gen-Z

Understanding Gen-Z, their platform activity, and qualities and trends can assist marketers in catering to the new generation. Gen Z accounts for roughly ten percent of all LinkedIn users. They may not make up the majority, but their numbers are expanding fast. On LinkedIn, there are already about 78 million Gen Z users worldwide. To target this group and make the platform relevant to them, the Brand should focus on marketing with purpose, reliability, and authenticity because Genz is a socially conscious generation that seeks out brands that are reliable, sustainable, and foster progress.

Let’s know first about Gen-Z 

The generations of people born after 1996 are called Genz. They are also one of the fastest-growing demographics on Linkedin, with rapidly increasing spending power. Gen-Z is always on the lookout for a brand that reflects their identity and that they can trust to help them achieve their goals.

This generation is aspirational, fast-paced, and conscientious. With so many options, this generation is drawn to brands that are focused on value. To appeal to this generation, marketers must provide material that resonates with them, or else they will reject the idea completely. If you want to attract this kind of user, you should concentrate on content that is relevant to them. One could say that because of the popularity of Instagram reels, this generation has a short attention span. With limitless videos that vanish in time and space in a matter of seconds, marketers must recognize that short-form content is the present and future of content marketing.

The various content that interests this socially conscious generation include-:

  • Employee well-being
  • Social causes
  • Career development
  • World news
  • Inspirational content
  • Viral memes
  • Tech News
  • Philanthropy
  • Mental health

It’s understandable if you’re wondering why this generation would want to join LinkedIn. The explanation is that this is a generation of entrepreneurs who recognize the platform’s potential and use it to create professional content, establish a social media presence, and network with higher-ups who can offer business opportunities.

To grab the attention of these career focus generations, brands have to think like them. Study shows that over half of Gen-Z are looking for reliability in the brand. As they highly believe in learning new skills, they tend to opt for brands that will help them increase their skills. Also, this climate-conscious generation would likely pay more for eco-friendly and sustainable products. 

The various digital marketing companies are also conscious of their increasingly aware user base that seeks relevant content. The ad agencies as well create content keeping in mind the aspiration of Gen-Z that is reliable, drive value, and eco friendly. Thus, to grab the attention of Gen-Z, the marketers have to switch the traditional approach to grab their interest and keep them hooked up.

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