How To Build A Brand 104


The previous chapter- “How to build a brand 103” discussed the third step towards brand building. A comparison needs to made between the business and an already established brand. This is essential because this is how any business will know where to demark itself from its competition. Other questions such as how does the business launch itself in the market? What are the prevalent practices of the said industry? What are the various qualities of the product distributed in the market? How to break the competition? And what does the business need to do to attract the target audience? All these are answered in this step. Of course, with some research and brainstorming.

The next step provides character to the brand. This step is concentrated on the brand and how it wants to enhance the everyday life of the people. What is the set of value addition are providing regularly to the customers who choose the brand over the competition? The next step is to outline the qualities and benefits of the business as a brand.

Step 1- Defined Audience For Brand

Step 2- Defined brand mission statement  

Step 3- Competitive Analysis 

Step 4- Outline qualities and benefits of the business as a brand

This outlines the qualities that the band will be known for. The qualities are additional to the product. What is the business offering that is unique and attractive? It should be something that no one else is offering till the business came into the industry. The qualities are derived from the features of the product or service.

The qualities business defines should have real benefits for consumers. It is not just a list of  the features of the product/ service range. The outcome of your quality should be such that the customers can experience it on their own.

A few examples to refer are and the perception behind them are as follows-

  • Authentic & transparent customer service
  • A better way to support productivity
  • Reducing costs with a more affordable option.
  • Saving time on daily tasks

Saving (valuable) time on daily tasks.- This quality is focused on preservation of specifically something that everyone has and still are always short of.

Reducing (overall) costs with a more affordable option.- This quality is specific to the consumer who is looking to spend less on the product/ service. The brand enhances the product/ service by adding extensive value for money.

(It is) A better way to support productivity.- The quality is such that it will make an efficient impact on the life of consumer.

(Providing) Authentic & transparent customer service.- This quality is such that the customer service that doesn’t falsify and supports the customers’ journey from query to solution.

We are giving you the format to help. Use the map below to ordinate your branding coordinates.


Feature Quality Benefit 01 Benefit 02


Feature Quality Benefit 01 Benefit 02


Feature Quality Benefit 01 Benefit 02


In this, write down the specific feature of the product or service. Then which quality does it drive for the business. Then specify the benefits these qualities have for the consumer.

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