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How the Fitness Industry is Accelerating with Digital Push?

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, many industries and businesses have been forced to face a downfall with the implementation of drastic social distancing measures. Industries such as airlines, oil, automobiles, Events and tourism have taken massive hits.

From brands like Peloton and Mirror to brands like Nike and Adidas, who have helped to popularise ‘fit-tech’ through partnerships with Apple and Fitbit, many companies have founded the way to success.

However, the fitness industry is experiencing massive hits as the governments have mandated the closure of all non-essentials public places, including gyms. Although many health clubs have taken the brunt of it, a few have managed to find creative ways to stay relevant.

As one of the leading integrated marketing communication agencies in Gurgaon, we will also share some of the tips and tricks that can be used by some fitness studios on digital platforms to help cater their members and target audience. We will also be going to see some of the examples of how the fitness industry is fighting with COVID-19 through digital platforms. Let’s get started first with some of the strategies that will help gyms serve their audience and members. Checkout the digital marketing strategies:

  1. Optimise your Website: In this digital age, a website is the face for any business. It is an index of your business. Build an SEO-friendly and a user-friendly website. Beautify it with enticing pictures of your gym equipment, sample demos and details of trainers. It will help increase brand awareness, leading to garner more customers. You can adopt following strategies to optimise your website:
    • a) Local SEO: During the COVID-19 pandemic, your company can benefit from local SEO, updating your website, updating strategies, developing new content, and conducting keyword research. It helps potential customers to discover your business and provides the essential information. It helps to drive more traffic through online leads. Reach out to the best search engine optimization agencies in Gurgaon which provides best local SEO services in India.
    • b) Add a Blog section: Adding blogs related topics on equipment and instructors, benefits of regular exercises, or importance of maintaining diet plans will garner more leads to your website.
    • c) SEO: Select the range of keywords that target your gyms and embed them in your website content. It will lead to enhance the visibility of your business page in search results. Optimise your blogs with a selected range of keywords to enhance the engagement on your website. Reach out to the best SEO agency in Gurgaon.
  2. YouTube Marketing: As there are over 2 billion monthly active users on the platform, it has the potential to boost your video to the top in search result pages. Gym and fitness centres are bustling with activity-oriented spaces. People learn various types of exercises by watching the tutorials from the experts.What catches viewers’ eyes will spread through their mouth. People tend to speak out about their favourite “likes” within their circle. As one leading video marketing agencies in Gurgaon, here are some of the tips that can rank your videos to top positions:
    • a) By Improving your rankings on YouTube: You can improve your YouTube rankings with the help of (best YouTube SEO strategies)-(hyperlink with the blog topics) and rank your content to number one position. If you want to make animated videos to engage your audience, you can consult some of the best animated video production companies.
    • b) By Uploading Attractive Content: By uploading attractive, eye-catching high-quality and creative videos that engage users.
    • c) Title and Description: By mentioning the relevant title and description along with keywords.
    • d) Engagement: By communicating with the subscribers, resolving their doubts and sharing these links on social media platforms.
  3. Mobile Marketing: People carry smartphones in their hands at all times and use it for various purposes such as physical training using smartphones, and with this the brand must make sure that they are optimising their online fitness platform using a mobile-centric marketing strategy.
    Besides, people are spending most of their time on mobile apps and social media through mobiles. Mobile marketing will enhance the speed of business growth. For using mobile application platforms, gym centres need not necessarily have an app but can run their Ads on mobile apps.Creating a Google Ads campaign is the best strategy that you can adopt because this will reach the masses much faster than any other platform. You can also advertise on gaming applications and other apps where the presence of your target audience is expected to be high. Creating ads based on location will attract more leads as well, as people living near your location will know your brand identity. Reach out to one of the best brand activation agencies for best brand communication strategies.
  4. Social Media Marketing: It is an undeniable fact that social media platforms cater to a large population, thus resulting in delivering your message out to large masses at once. As people are trapped inside their homes, scrolling to see the great content, you can share your tutorial and promotional videos to get engagement and let people come to you. Consult some of the best social media marketing agencies in Gurgaon for top SMO services in Delhi NCR. Some of the platforms are:
    • a) Facebook: Creating an attractive page with entertaining, catchy and helping content is a great way sure-shot recipe in Facebook marketing. Use some of these tips to make your brand go viral:
      • i) Create a simple Page with crisp and clear details of your gym. Adhere to creating simple and attractive posts and regularly uploading them.
      • ii) Upload training teaser videos with different types of exercises. Create posts relating to healthy eating, answer the queries of your audiences in a polite way.
      • iii) Use fitness and gym-related hashtags to create your presence over a large number of people.
    • b) Instagram: 70% of users are engaging with brands through Instagram. Marketing through this platform is a big hit for fitness clubs as per the reports. This will lead to creating a presence of your gym globally, and more engagement rate to your page. Here’s how fitness studios can do it:
      • i) Upload clear and high-quality pictures of the gym
      • ii) Upload videos of activities done at the gym, For example: Zumba, Bhangra, aerobics, etc.
      • iii) Show how your gym community enjoys the workout.
    • c) TikTok: TikTok community is full of nutrition enthusiasts, workout buffs, and health conscious users who can keep you inspired and motivated on your journey. So, by engaging influencers with your brand you can engage and motivate people by posting workout videos, preparing healthy food videos are more. Reach out to the creative video agency in Delhi NCR.

These are some of the digital marketing techniques through which you can serve the audience and gym members during the lockdown period. The digital marketing for fitness and gym can be advantageous for its success and long-lasting growth. The more you implement the better are your results. You can also consult to some of the best digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon for best digital marketing services.

How Fitness Brands are Thriving to Accelerate Amid the Pandemic?
Now, we will have a look at some of the examples of how fitness brands are serving the community and motivating them to stay at home and stay fit behind the closed door:

  1. Reebok: Reebok is a clothing and footwear brand which offers a range of products for men and women. In the wake of COVID-19, Reebok is providing virtual home workout videos starring Katrina Kaif and Malaika Arora which aims at committing to fitness and workout from home. Reebok has also added a range of articles on home workouts and wellness tips.
  2. Cult.Fit: In order to help users, get better access to their everyday workout and fitness needs, CureFit has announced the launch of This is a group fitness class led by star trainers, that lets you experience the energy from the comfort of members’ homes. This platform offers live classes across different fitness formats like strength, cardio, HRX, S&C and yoga on all seven days of the week with the user requiring little or no equipment for the exercises.
  3. Anytime Fitness: Anytime Fitness is offering free daily workout videos, which can be accessed by users on the gym’s Facebook page. Every day, each workout has a new theme and sometimes includes family-themed workouts.
  4. Gold’s Gym: Gold’s Gym is offering premium access to its digital training app, Gold’s AMP which is designed to maintain your workout routine. It is offering free and on-demand workout from the force of gym’s personal trainers around the world.

These are some of the famous entities which are working hard to provide daily workouts to its members amid the pandemic. Many other local gyms are offering group classes via video calling platform. The creativity and adaptability displayed by brands has given us hope that the fitness industry will manage to bounce back after the wind-down of the coronavirus.

However, to create an effective brand communication strategy, reach out to The Marcom Avenue, one of the top online advertising agencies in India.

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