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How can you Leverage Storytelling for Effective Public Relations?

As one of leading marketing communication agencies, we, at The Marcom Avenue, have always put emphasis on a well-structured marketing strategy that connects with your audience by building hype around your brand story, irrespective of whether you are running a digital marketing campaign, OOH, television ad or public relations.

All the industries across the spectrum, be it FMCG, auto, tech or governmental organizations must focus on creating their campaign revolving around a strong brand story, apart from the writing skills, social media expertise or however good you’re at speaking in front of the public. The importance of storytelling can not be negated, whatever scale your business – small or large.


Storytelling is a form of art that engages one and all whether they are from a different origin or not, it is the emotion behind the story that indulges the people and reveals various elements about the brand that stays in the subconscious of the readers and listeners. PR agency today strategically use storytelling across various PR components such as press releases, author articles, influencer marketing and more, to achieve desired results. Like for example, in a press release, the brand answers the whens, wheres, whos, hows, whats and more to a story and shares it across the media list to get journalist’s attention.

So, the question is how can you leverage it?

Storytelling as part of public relations is a driving instrument and not the whole campaign, and so whatever the PR tool is, storytelling has to build on it and create harmony rather than just pushing it on the face. To do so, brands must either hire the PR agencies in Delhi NCR or try to strategize campaigns to capture the reader’s attention and influence them.

It is found that storytelling can transport the reader/listener to the writer’s perspective and experience what they felt. So, storytelling is crucial for public relations – as it enables brands to connect with their audience more effectively and stimulate their audience’s feelings, attitudes towards their brand and realign it to meet your marketing goal.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while strategizing campaign using storytelling art:

  1. Focus on Building Brand Story: Almost everything that a business does has a story angle to it – client success, employee spotlight, launch of a product/service, small & big achievements and more. As one of the best PR agencies in India, we’d like to suggest- sharing every milestone with your audience is like making them part of your achievements which helps build brand story and a good public relations topic.
  2. Follow a chain of events: Don’t do things on the spur of the moment – STRATEGIZE! We are the leading PR agency in Gurgaon, and have experience of working with over 15+ retainer PR clients, and so we would recommend that going out systematically will be advantageous to build your media presence. Lay down a foundation stone and build your storyline on it, rather than just throwing anything and everything on the face of the audience.
  3. Be relatable: Telling a story is all about how you can build the connection with your audience, and one of the easiest ways is to establish relatability – news, personal content, employee story, growth, history and more. Highlight the message and indulge journalists into it to influence your audiences’ behaviour towards building a positive perception of your brand.
  4. Evoke positive emotions: Saying relevant content in a positive manner can evoke positive attitude/emotions towards the brand. Your customers/audiences are looking for just that – and it will build trust and credibility in their minds.
  5. Also, remember to entertain: Marketing of any kind isn’t just sharing or telling, it is also about entertaining. So, keep this in mind as well while sharing across anything for any opportunity or platform.

The Marcom Avenue is an integrated marketing agency with a specialized offering in digital PR or traditional PR as per the need of the client. Our team of experts will help build your brand’s PR while keeping in mind what is the industry looking for from a story perspective.

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