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How Can You Improve PR Strategy For Education Startups?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several organisations were crushed. Yet, in the education startup, business never eased back down. The spread of the deadly virus only pushed the education business to go digital giving birth to new age educational startups.

Today, there are over 4,500 education startups in India, and we only know of a few due to poor marketing. As one of the best PR agencies in Delhi NCR, we believe that having a strong PR strategy in place can help make one stand out. So, here are a few things that you can do improve your PR strategy to gain more traction for relevant media and audience:

Guest Posting

Guest posting on other education portals can fetch various benefits for several businesses. By sharing your expertise with a large number of audience, you can commence to establish yourself as a specialist within your market and spread awareness about your brand.

Before reaching out to blog owners, you should add value first. It is advisable for you to build a mutually beneficial relationship and ensure that your reach is personal.

Quick Note: Also, as the leading digital PR agency in Delhi NCR, we know that you should not send out requests from an email carrier as this strategy looks like spam and it’s unprofessional.

Look out for Education Influencers

For education and edtech companies, you must reach out to influencers on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. Influencer marketing may have been on the verge of extinction near to the beginning of 2020, however, the lockdown shifted the whole focus from a holistic 360-degree marketing campaign to engaging, trendy and influencer-based marketing campaign. Educational Startups must find what drives their sales and leverage it in collaboration with respectable influencers in the domain.

Tap on Social Media – Share across your story

Sharing your story on social media is not at all a challenging task. This will help you to know your audience better, connect with them on their level and share exciting stories that will reach them from an emotional perspective.

Public Relations is all about building the connection. So, in a nutshell, having a strong public relations plan can differentiate you from the endless ocean of products and services in this rapidly changing industry. The stories which you are narrating today may become your firm’s stories for the future and therefore this should be a part of any type of PR plan.

Reach Out to Journalists and Writers

If you are going to approach journos on your own, ensure that you do your homework. There are certain publications that have staff writers and contributors. Take out some time to know the difference between the two in order to use the right approach in getting your brand to come across as meaningful and relatable.

Also, be selective when it comes to media outreach. For any media relations campaign to work, your sole focus should be on reaching out to reporters and writers at education outlets who have an interest in bringing your story to your potential audience.

PR Firms

If you are unable to get ahead on your own in the media circle, consider hiring a PR Agency. Do your research thoroughly to find the best offerings out there for your specific needs. An effective Digital PR agency will be able to help you with the content development, implementation, editorial strategy, marketing and media implementation — while ensuring that your start-up lands in the right publications amid the people you want to be reached.

We, at The Marcom Avenue, provide an all-encompassing marketing experience, from digital branding, experiential, Public Relations and Advertisement to Tech Development and Film Production. Not only do we offer creative solutions that are innovative but an experience that is influential too. Hence, if you are looking for one of the best PR agencies in India, Contact us today!

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