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How Bumble is Swiping it Right with its Creative Marketing?

Nowadays, online dating has become quite a common norm and many platforms have been launched that have made the process of finding love in our lives easy. From swiping left to right, millennials thrive to find the partner of their life. Dating platforms have become socialising platforms where people love to make connections and new friends. Many argue that the concept of online dating is unauthentic, but when it comes to us– we all are guilty of using them.

Today, we are going to discuss the popular dating platform which is developed by a woman for women. The platform has been able to gather reputable recognition over a very short period of time with some of the brand communication strategies. The platform has been able to form a strong network or community of women, as it requires women to make the first move. Let’s get into the story of the popular and female-led dating app Bumble:

What is BUMBLE?
Bumble is a location-based mobile application that has empowered women by giving them ability to initiate and control the conversation. Bumble was founded by Whitney Wolfe who also co-founded Tinder in December 2014. Today, Bumble has more than 30 million registered users who spend an average of 100 minutes per day on the app.

Bumble is an attractive option for anyone looking for love. The app also provides an option for finding friends. To find friends, all you need to do is change the settings to BFF and swipe right on an interested person to start a chat.

A Brief Background
It is difficult to leave a company you built from the starting point, but well, the co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolf Herd, had the guts to do that. Herd decided to compete against Tinder and entered the most crowded and established digital space. Wolf got a chance to meet Andre Andreev who suggested that she get back into the dating space and the pair eventually formed a partnership. Wolfe Herd serves as the founder, and later on recruited fellow Tinder employees Chris Gulczynski and Sarah Mick to design the interface and help launch Bumble in December 2014.

The Texas-based start-up serves differently from other dating apps as it gives controls to Women. Men using Bumble are not allowed to initiate a conversation. Men can only find matches by swiping through the app. Bumble has a lot to offer with features like – Bumble Bizz, Bumble BFF etc. Bumble has significantly decreased the number of spam bots with these features. With 30+ million users worldwide, Bumble has managed to gain an estimated annual revenue of $187.5 Million in 2019.

Business Model of Bumble
The App-Based model is just like any other mobile dating platform as users can swipe to choose a person by seeing their pictures, receive a match and have the chance to connect with them through chat. Here’s where Bumble changes the games- this app-based platform only allows women to make the first move within the timeframe of 24 hours. As the platform caters to women’s needs mainly, it empowers women to change traditional ways of dating. Bumble is a platform and community that creates empowering connections in love, life, and work. The app has three modes:

  • Bumble Date: It is the primary component of Bumble- its dating platform. This is where users match with potential romantic partners in the hope of going on a date.
  • Bumble BFF: Bumble BFF is Bumble’s platform for finding and matching with other users in their area to become friends with. This mode was created for people who are new in the area or are simply finding difficulty meeting new people and making friends. In Bumble BFF, there are no rules about who approaches who first.
  • Bumble Bizz: This mode of the platform allows you to connect with people for business purposes, such as finding mentors within their field, chatting with potential interns, and kick starting new career opportunities.

You aren’t restricted to just one Bumble mode. There is no restriction on using all three modes at once, even with a separate profile for each one. You can switch from mode to mode inside the app with the mode-switching menu.

Falling in Love During Quarantine
With the onset of COVID-19, almost all the countries have announced country-wide lockdowns to curb the spread of the deadly virus. Social distancing has become the new normal these days. Usually millennials love to meet new people. But due to the lockdown most of the activities have been stuck to the digital world and hence, online dating is also observing a similar change as people cannot go outside and meet.

To enhance the experience of young millennials, Bumble has now released a bundle of customized features that will improve the way people connect with each other during social distancing. Bumble has now included a “Virtual Dating” badge that will appear in the users’ profiles who are open to date via video chat. This badge will allow Bumble users to find and filter their prospective matches based on who is looking to date virtually.

The dating platform has noticed a 29% increase in messages in two months. Due to the increased usage Bumble is now offering new tools to enhance their chat experience and enable them to get to know each other better. The app allows users to connect with people within 1 to 100 miles of their location but now users with the new filters coming in users will see the option to connect with people nationwide. Therefore, Bumble can be a perfect example of digital transformation as it has connected the millennials who want to date through extensive technology.

Revenue Model of Bumble
Bumble is free to download and free to use for its primary features. Now let’s discuss the ways how the dating platform earns through three models:

  • Freemium Model: Bumble offers several special features that can enhance your experience on the app, including SuperSwipe and Spotlight. ‘SuperSwiping’ on someone’s profile lets them know that you’re extra interested in them. The ‘Spotlight’ feature allows you to put your profile at the top of the stack of profiles, so more people will view it that instant. Non-Bumble Boost members can only buy this feature once per day, and no users can extend the same match more than once.
  • In-App Purchases: Bumble Coins can be used to purchase any of these features, either for one or multiple uses. You can gain access to these features through a Bumble Boost subscription.
  • Subscription-Based Model: You can choose among a variety of subscription options, including weekly, monthly, three months and six months, to become a Bumble Boost member. It includes the membership to Bumble Boost which has following the features:
    • See all of the users who have swiped right on your profile
    • Rematch with expired connections
    • Extend an unlimited number of matches by 24 hours

    Bumble takes its commitment to create a safe and respectful platform even further with technology that can identify whether or not a photo sent on the app may contain a lewd image. As it is an online setup, it has adopted various best digital marketing services to attract customers and provide them with a real-time fun and engaging experience. With the help of the best digital marketing agencies, Bumble has transformed the dating experience and empowered the ladies around the world.

Digital Marketing Model of Bumble
As a part of their digital marketing strategy, they wanted to target the millennials of every demographic, be it a boy or a girl, they wanted to reach out to every person who is in search of a life partner, a best friend or wants to grow their network professionally. They adopted top-digital marketing strategies with the help of the best brand activations agency.

  1. Content Marketing:
    Bumble has gained a wide number of audiences because they deliver quirky content that connects customers with the brand. Besides being a dating platform, the app The content helps to gauge the attention of the people towards the platform. Choose from the top 10 performance marketing communication agencies in Gurgaon for best content marketing strategies.
  2. Micro-Influencer Marketing:
    The platform tapped influencer marketing strategy to create buzz around the three modes – Bumble dating, Bumble BFF, Bumble Bizz. By diversifying their brand, Bumble has been able to capture a much wider audience of people with differing interests and connect with authentic influencers that are already fans of the brand itself. This results in a more meaningful relationship between the brand, its influencers and its consumers–encouraging all audiences to engage with their brand further. These brand ambassadors get awesome perks and merchs from Bumble paired alongside exclusive opportunities. Reach out to the best influencer marketing agency in Delhi NCR.
  3. Social Media Marketing:
    Bumble is winning the hearts of the people through native content delivery as it understands the target audience. Bumble understands exactly who its users are and creates compelling content. For the best SMO services in Delhi NCR reach out to top 10 social media agencies in Gurgaon.Facebook
    With 2 Lac followers on Facebook, Bumble aims to target the millennials of the generation who seriously use Facebook. Bumble uses the page to deliver the latest news and invites people to participate in various events, and you can even visit the company’s Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest — basically eliminating the need for Google search. You can also shop now through Facebook’s features which contain merchandise like branded shirts, matchboxes, necklaces, yoga towels, carry-on cocktail kits, and sweaters.

    facebook marketing strategy

    facebook campaign strategy

    As most of the young generation remains active on this platform, Bumble is killing with its promotions to tap on newer audiences. Bumble creates splashes of pleasant yellow & pastel colours with witty statements that make up the feed interesting and it’s perfect- people love to come to social media to be entertained. Not because it’s minimalist or “Millennial,” but because it’s what Bumble users actually want to see when they scroll through their feed.

    Instagram marketing strategy

    Instagram advertising strategy

    As Snapchat has become a popular networking platform among millennials, Bumble has launched a series of advertisements that helped snapchat to create a niche market which uses only snapchat. In a promoted Story, Bumble presented photos taken on vacation by couples who first met on the dating app. While vacation photos and romantic Stories might be enticing to Snapchat’s young adult audiences. Some of the best performance marketing agencies will help you in devising the best influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

    snapchat marketing strategy

  4. Experiential Marketing:
    Bumble also tapped the power of experiential marketing strategy to gain direct engagement with consumers. Experiential marketing is the process of engaging customers directly in a creative way through live or immersive marketing. The primary purpose is to experience a brand in a tangible, offline way. Here’s an example:Bumble, the popular Texas-based dating/friendship/networking app, took over a local coffee shop to create Bumble Hive. In addition to the appeal of free breakfast tacos and coffee, Bumble offered plenty of activities for guests, including speed mentoring, networking, and breakout sessions focused on dating and friendship. Bumble also used the opportunity to promote the launch of their new profile badges, which users can use to share more about themselves within the app.

    The pop-up attracted about 20,000 visitors who got a hands-on look at the company’s new product features. Bumble excelled at tying in their pop-up programming in their products. Tap the best Experiential Marketing agencies in Gurgaon for gaining direct engagement with your customers.

Digital marketing has been working very well for Bumble. It has helped networking platforms to gain a lot of popularity within a short period of time. There are many campaigns that have helped Bumble establish its image and have touched the lives of the people, especially women in the country. Some of the best performance marketing agencies will help you in devising the best influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Campaigns of Bumble

  1. #DatingJustGotEqual: Networking platform Bumble has launched a new campaign ‘Dating Just Got Equal’ to encourage women to make the first move and reverse gender norms.
  2. #EqualNotLoose: As Bumble entered the Indian market, they aimed to counter the old-fashioned judgment that too often accompanies women’s pursuit of independence and achieving their professional and relationship goals. Bumble released its first TV commercial in India, starring actor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Priyanka Chopra Jonas — now also a Bumble partner and investor.The ad, the centerpiece of our #EqualNotLoose campaign, champions gender equality and showcases the everyday moments in a modern Indian woman’s life as she makes empowered choices: to be ambitious at work, curious in love, and to live confidently and freely, on her own terms.

Today’s world is driven by mobile apps and people are really dependent on them for daily activities. More and more businesses are ready to jump into the business of developing dating apps. Although the concept behind dating apps seems simpler, they conceal complicated algorithms and mechanisms. Apps like Bumble are trying much harder to connect people through these difficult times of social distancing and at the same time protecting women’s rights.

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