Experiential Marketing – The Future of Advertising in India

How do I sell my product? How should I get through to my customer base? These are the regular concerns of all the brands today – big or small. The usual advertising formats such as prints, web banners, social media marketing efforts have become redundant. Bombardment of advertised content into the everyday space isn’t much appreciated.Ad blockers are a norm for the tech savvy millennial generation!

So for 2020, let’s reproach the marketing game with a better understanding of the audience.

After a thorough analysis, The Marcom Avenue illuminates the reader further.

Experiential marketing allows the consumers to experience what the essence of the brand is through all 5 senses!

Find Tools That Drive Trial Purchase Decisions & Promote Loyalty In Digital Space.

1. Reach the baseline- Experience Brand in pop-ups, events, activations

2020 is the year to take branding beyond just the publicity- oriented, hype generating stunts. It is the year to allow the customers to experience brands and their value with either basic or hybrid digital pop up activations. The goals are to drive the trial purchase decision in the mind of the consumer and cement the pre-existing brand image in the regular consumer.

Experience marketing is giving the customer an emotional connection with the brand. It can be in the form of product introduction, exclusive offers,one-on-one engagement or community bonding. The power of experiential becomes obvious as the brand has the opportunity to engage any new consumer in the brand message and bring energy back into the marketing motion.

2. Culture Development of a Brand

The culture of a brand that is portrayed to the world comes from developing purpose and perspective founded upon a set of values. A brand is expected to have a culture which is then driven by strategy.

To get consumers to experience the culture of a brand, the problem-solving approach is the key. A brand can identify large consumer preferences and deliver additional short-lived solutions to the problem. This way the consumer will have immediate interaction with the brand. Even if the solution to the problem is non- existent after a few days, the consumer will remember because s/he has experienced the brand’s essence.

Additional value to experiential marketing is given by digital marketing. Digital components keep the events fresh and the drive the message even after the event has concluded.

3. Make your business a reality for the audience

Any e-commerce business wants to make way into the consumers’ everyday life? Experiential marketing is the key. It establishes direct interaction along with brand resonance. A physical action-driven purchase is more memorable than a digital connection. It attracts consumers who are still in the sales funnel. Is retargeting on the digital platform not delivering? Hit hard and bring the money home with experiential marketing. The potential consumer is aware of the brand, its message, the product range/ services offered. All that is left is creating an association that is given In Experience.

4. Brand partnerships with similar brands

A brand partnership is an expansion opportunity for any brand. A brand partnership is partnering up with brands that provide the same or similar service/ product range. They will have other people as their target audience. But the target audience will have purchase interest either of the brands. A partnership will help either of the brands to tap into the leads in the sales funnel of the other.

Complementary brands that offer the same values can partner up for experiential promotion experience to all.

A good example would be Nike shoes promotion via Mall Activation paired with Reebok and Adidas. A set up of a few sports activities such as rock climbing, running on a treadmill, and additional activities can be done.

Or any energy drink brand partnering up with SkyJumper to establish a small trampoline park in Delhi in which energized adults/ children can release their stress. Reach a creative marketing agency in Gurgaon to get many more such ideas for your brand.

What is Experiential Marketing?

The advertising spends in India in 2019 is expected to be INR 700 Billion!The maximum investment is in television advertising which is the face of Indian advertising. Unfortunately, it has no measurable impact on the sales revenue generated by any brand. The sales revenue calculation depends upon how much the sales have increased after the ad is run. The next best thing with a similar reach in India and a measurable impact on sales revenue is digital marketing. But the invasive nature of the same has driven many faceless potential customers to switch on their ad blockers. This is where expansion into the experiential avenue of the marketing field is likely to be the next best thing in advertising and marketing forums. Simple, sweet, direct, representative, unhindered, engaging and most of all physically present in front of the customer.

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