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Crack the Digital Marketing Code during the Great Indian Festive Season

India is the land of diverse cultures, languages, religions and festivals, and we Indians never miss to celebrate all the festivals with equal passion, be it Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid or Raksha Bandhan. With great enthusiasm across the country, it can be your chance to drive brand recall amongst the audience with the use of creative branding, ad campaigns and marketing strategies.

The best advertising agency in Gurgaon believes that the festive season is a great time for a company to leave their mark on the minds of the customers. One of the best examples supporting this claim is “Cadbury”, the brand never failed to connect with its audience’s emotions during the festival times, as a result, in India we cannot imagine a Diwali or Raksha Bandhan without the sweetness of Cadbury Chocolates. No company can deny that they also want to successfully market their products/services during the festive season.

Keeping in mind the plethora of festivals coming our way, the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR present to you a definitive guide to crack the marketing strategy during the Indian Festive Season:

  • Festivals are all about Family: In India, festivals are not just about celebration, it is more about the emotion and bond we share with our family. So, as a brand you need to convey your key message to the people, how your product/services bring their family closer and makes their bond stronger.

    Have a look at the Fitbit marketing campaign, which seamlessly conveys how their activity tracker connects and strengthens the brother-sister bond. Also, the brand has made perfect utilization of the youth’s social media app ‘Instagram’ to reach their potential audience.

  • E-Commerce is the new Marketplace: There was a time when people used to go to markets for festival shopping. In this modern-era, the way we shop has changed, especially during these times of crisis, majority of the customers prefer shopping online as it saves time, provides more variety, requires less effort and is safe.

    As per a study by the digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, E-Commerce website witnessed a growth of upto 5X during the festive season as compared to the regular days.

    So, to stay on the top of the market, you need to be digitally available for your customers to reach you and engage with you.

  • Noone Hates a Good Deal: Majority of people eagerly wait for the festive season shopping, because Indian festivals come with gazillion deals, discounts, coupons, offers and more. Every brand is fighting to attract the audience with their unique marketing & sales strategy. So, there can be no better time to give out a great deal to your audience, because as per the reports, sales can go as much as 60% high on a festival day, which makes it a great opportunity for your brand.

    Just giving a great deal will not help you if the people are not aware about it. Once you release a new festive offer, do not miss out on availing all the marketing channels (social media, website, PR) to spread out the word. This is the time when you take out every weapon and get it to work.

  • Find them on Social Media: Social media is the modern day gathering spot. People spend a huge amount of their time on social media, so, spend some extra time on your social media marketing strategy and plan on engaging your TG in creating some User-Generated content. This could be pictures and videos of your customers using your products, talking about it or their reviews for your brand. The best marketing is Word of Mouth, and nowadays, social media is a highly influential ground with thousands of active users who love to share their views and reviews.

    So, your social media campaign should be on your top priority list to make sure that you reach the maximum audience during the festival season.

As the best digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, we understand that cracking the marketing code, especially during festive season could be a struggle, but do not worry, we have got your back. With expert guidance, The Marcom Avenue, will assist you to reach your festive season marketing goals.

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