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COVID-19: Prioritizing your Brand Building in the New Normal

How to Build Operating Strategies for the Future? Well, many brands are asking the questions like these to focus on the post COVID-19 strategy. During the crisis, it has become harder for the brand managers to know from where to begin. As people have switched to self-protection mode due to the norm of social distancing, a major shift in the behavioural trends has been noticed. They have returned to cable television watching old TV shows such as Ramayana & Mahabharata, playing board games, spending more time on social media, and streaming more movies.

With the world transforming to digital life arrangements like live-streamed workout classes, college lectures, and social engagements, we are testing the bandwidth of our homes in a largely pre-5G world. Many brands are dedicated to offer customer value and support the customers, providing an authentic and helpful response to crisis. We have been observing that many advertising agencies in Gurgaon are supporting their clientele and are helping them meet their goals. Keeping that in the mind, we have listed out the top five priorities for brand building in this new normal:

  1. Be Genuinely Helpful: People feel vulnerable right now. It is time to show some empathy towards the customers. It is the best time for brands as they have the bandwidth to support people during the crisis. The nuances of brand voice are more delicate than ever. Brands that use this time to be commercially exploitative will not farewell.
    Food delivery giant Swiggy announced that it had set up a relief fund called Swiggy Hunger Saviour COVID Relief fund, which will be used to ensure the safety and welfare of its delivery partners and their families. Hospitality giant OYO has opened its hotels and homes to provide free to stay doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and first responders fighting to curb the spread of coronavirus on an everyday basis.
  2. Play with Media in More Agile Ways: Many brands are thriving to continue to invest in the crisis with an aim of creating brand equity and gaining market share afterwards. As people are confined to four walls of their home, they still need the essentials items for their survival, like food, groceries and transfer of money. To quickly pivot creative messages as circumstances change, marketers need to build more rapid-response operating models internally with their agencies. Beyond developing creative messages, some of the best social media marketing companies in Gurgaon can help these brands to modify their media mix as consumers are prone to quickly change their opinion with every new trend on social media platforms.
  3. Associate your Brand with Good: However, branding in the worrying situations is made up of more than just messaging. Today, brands are under a telescopic lens as people are judging their functionality on various aspects of business, from HR to supply chains, from marketing to customer satisfaction and more. People will remember these brands for their acts of good in the time of crisis, particularly if done with true heart and generosity. Be it from donating blood or providing free food, medical supplies or to continue to pay employees, even though the company’s doors are closed, many brands have contributed to society in many ways. Some of the best PR agencies in Delhi NCR will help you build your brand through these worrying times by leveraging best PR services.
    For Example, Google and Facebook are offering paid leave to parents affected by school closures. Ford, GE and 3M partnered to repurpose manufacturing capacity and put people back to work to make respirators and ventilators to fight coronavirus.
    Many adult beverage companies, from Diageo to AB InBev, repurposed their alcohol-manufacturing capabilities to make hand sanitizer, alleviating short supplies with their “It’s in our hands to make the difference” message. Feel good content removes anxiety and promotes positive messaging which will go a long way to enhance the brand’s position in the market.
  4. Bring Innovation to your Brand: COVID-19 has forced the brands to invest in the technology. With many people quarantined in their homes, digital experiences matter more than ever. Leading companies are identifying the ones that matter most and are improving upon them to build dynamic and stronger customer relationships.
    For example, from Burberry investing in manufacturing hospital gowns to a number of luxury skincare brands investing in manufacturing hand sanitizers, brands have switched lines of business and their production lines at very short notice. The spirit of innovation and collaboration that brands are showing will surely reap them the benefits later.
  5. Prioritising Humanity at its Best: Brands and big ventures across the world are showcasing humanity at its best. From Akshay Kumar donating large amounts of funds to tackle the coronavirus situation to Maruti Suzuki investing in development of ventilators at large, many people and brands aren’t thinking about the profits and are just providing value by being supportive in these worrying times. Therefore, it is necessary that brands invest in online marketing companies to build and convey a powerful messaging strategy to show support to fellow citizens and corona warriors of the country.
    Brands have to think, operate and lead in new ways during these uncertain and unprecedented circumstances, and we will all have to learn to live together with humility. Let’s hope to come out of this strongly and aim to deliver value and enrich people’s lives because that is what it takes to build a brand.

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