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All You Need to Know About Video Marketing in 2020 – PART 1

Video is not only a content type anymore, but it also has become a culture. According to the market researchers, 83% of the marketers believe that video is becoming increasingly important and a report by Cisco clearly indicates that around 82% of the internet traffic will be generated through videos by 2022.

Videos have the ability to connect with people’s emotions. A person who will never read a 100-page book will gladly watch a 10-minute IGTV. For publishing videos that really connects people to their emotions and senses, the brand needs to consult some of the best video production companies in Delhi.

Today, we will be learning some of the fundamental tactics for video marketing.

What is Video Marketing? Why Videos are effective?
Video marketing is the process of creating a video for the market to promote your product or service, educate your audience, increase engagement on social media, widen your brand awareness and reach your audience with interactive content. Some of the popular platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat that businesses are using for video marketing.

Videos play an important part in our life because we cannot resist the visual outburst. They are easy-to-follow through and addictive. We may remember the dialogues from the movies we watched but we hardly remember some paragraphs from the books we read in the past. Social media platforms can be a great platform to share your videos as most of the businesses now use videos to promote their product and services, and you can avail video production services to generate more relevant and aesthetically appealing content to enhance reach.

Types of Video Marketing
Based on the campaign objectives, there are different types of video marketing that you can choose to create from:

  1. Explainer Videos: The primary purpose of explainer videos is to educate your audience whether it’s your product or service or some concept in your industry. They generally are short in length, crisp and define your brand in very quirky lines and make it easy for the targeted audience to use your offerings.
  2. How-to videos: are the most popular type of videos. Customers love to consume and engage themselves in a step-by-step manner to do things. These types of videos are compelling because they literally show you how to do something.
  3. Customer Testimonial Videos: Customer testimonial videos are the best way to showcase social proof and brand advocacy for your brand. Brands can ask consumers to tell their story on camera, what challenges they faced, and how your brand helped them overcome those obstacles. Consult some of the best video production agencies in Delhi to shoot out the best-in-class customer testimonial videos.
  4. Demo Videos: Demo videos have the ability to brief your product or service to your audience in a proper way. It can be unboxing reviews, walkthrough or run your physical product through some tests.
  5. Personalised Video Messages: If you want to create your email marketing campaigns, try creating some with video messages. It is more personalised, charming and captivating than any other type of video messages. It will move you closer to your business objectives and convert your leads into sales.
  6. Live Videos: According to users watch more live videos than non-live videos, representing the present aspect of your brand. It allows your audience to participate, engage and connect with your brand in the live video.
  7. AR/VR and 360 Degree Videos: AR/VR and 360-degree videos are the important video formats that let you put your customers into another person’s shoes. AR allows people to check out products while sitting in their homes. These are future tech that will skyrocket your customer’s experience and you should be integrating your products by now. Create never before brand experiences by consulting some of the best video production companies in Delhi.

In this blog, we have discussed the types of video marketing formats which will help you to identify which best suits your business or brand. In the next blog, we’ll discuss more about various customer experiences through video marketing and how to make your video marketing campaigns successful on social media platforms. Stay tuned for more information on the latest media & marketing industry insights and trends.

If this interests you, you can also consult some of the best digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon which will advise you the best video marketing strategy for your business or brand.

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