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8 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Account-Based Marketing

Account-based Marketing (ABM) has been widely used for a really long time and it is arguably one of the most powerful marketing strategies available today. As per a study by ITSMA, 85% of marketers who monitor ROI believe that ABM outperforms other marketing investments.

But, What is Account-based Marketing?

Account-based marketing or key account marketing is an effective strategy for growth of any organization performed with the joint-efforts of the Sales and Marketing team to offer a more personalized buying experience to the clients. Also, these clients are high-value contacts which are mutually-identified by the teams.

Traditional vs Account Based Marketing

But, the leading digital marketing company in Gurgaon found that there are some common mistakes which most of the marketer make while creating ABM strategies. So, we have enlisted the 8 common mistakes which the brand marketers must avoid while creating an Account-based marketing campaign:

  1. Wrong Targeting: Many marketers seemed to have made this mistake which led to loss of time and money for the business. So, before you begin your marketing campaign, it is very crucial to spend an adequate amount of time in research of potential target audience.
  2. Failure of Regular Testing: Even after the ABM plan is in-action, you need to perform regular audits to assure the quality of the interactions, the number of milestones being achieved and more.
  3. Putting Efforts towards Quantity: One of the best digital marketing services in Gurgaon realize that many marketers invest their efforts in generating bulk contacts and shooting mass-messages. But, for the success of an ABM campaign you need to offer a customized experience based on the quality of relationship with your clients.
  4. Missing out on Qualified buyers: While engaging in account-based marketing, your sales team needs to engage with the potential buyers who are actually in the decision-making position, this will ensure the maximum conversion out of your marketing efforts.
  5. Not tapping into the creativity: Yes, account-based marketing has been long used and there are several strategies which proved effective, but the truth is, a lot of other companies are fighting against you to earn customers just like you, so you need to think outside the box.
  6. Absence of a clear client-persona: This is a very common mistake followed by even many professional marketers. For your ABM strategy to work just like you planned, you need to have a clear understanding of your client’s persona, which means you have to know their interests, demographics, and behaviour in and out.
  7. Underestimating Customer’s Feedback: The best digital marketing company believes that any successful account-based marketing is deeply connected to the quality of personalized experience you offer to your clients, hence, is it very important to interview your customers and understand their key issues.
  8. Failure of Identifying the Need Of Each Segment: The fact is not every customer will make a purchase considering the same reason, so your strategy must truly analyse and understand the requirement of each consumer segment.

Whether you are stepping into Account Based Marketing for the first time or have been failing to derive the desired results out of your marketing efforts, we will suggest you to get in touch with the top marketing agency in Gurgaon, The Marcom Avenue, which specializes in creating a high-end customized ABM strategy for your business.

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