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6 Ways Realtors can Use Digital Marketing to Boost Sales

The wave of social media marketing and integrated content marketing has left no sector untouched. For realtors finding ways to get noticed online, social media has acted as a boon. If you are a real estate professional you might be acquainted with the fact that the first place your clients will go while looking for the home is online. In fact, according to a study, 94% of millennials go online to find their future homes. That’s why it’s so important for realtors to ensure their presence online. Today, 84% of real estate professionals use social media platforms as a medium to boost their sales.

To help our fellow realtors who are interested in meeting their online target goals, here we introduce 6 ways in which they can use digital marketing mediums to boost their sales:

1. Email campaign:-
Email campaign though sound like a sibling of cold calling is a very efficient way to drive new leads and stay connected with the former ones. The relevance of your mail content determines the probability of client opening the email to see what you have to say. Thus with some valuable research you can surely achieve your targets with email campaigns. According to Smart Insights, the average open rate of emails for real estate businesses is around 27% with a click-through rate (CTR) of 3%. Emails are the great place to share your recent blogs, best house deals, market reports etc.

2. Traffic driving user-friendly website:-
When I say user-friendly website, I mean that the website should be fast and has quick response to keep pace with user lifestyle as people do not have the patience today to wait for the website to load. To make things work out in the best manner, brands should use the best IDX website that drives traffic and generate leads. Your mobile-friendly website should have relevant content and should offer the best experience to the visitors.

It should include:-
● It should be updated with all the latest information like best deals, best locations, budget guide etc.
● Your website content should be able to guide visitors through the home buying process.
● The website should include your case studies and success stories.
● You can also add relevant links to relevant services like movers, lawyers, home inspectors, decorators.

3. Valuable blog content:-
The soul of the real estate digital marketing strategy is the quality of its blog content. The blog content shared on social media and website should be valuable. Blog content helps you to build your domain authority, online reputation and drives traffic- buyers and sellers to your website. Make sure your blogs address the curiosities of buyers and sellers and do answer their questions.

4. Virtual tours:-
Visual tool is always more powerful than just telling. In today’s busy schedule, potential home buyers like to get the information they are looking for in one click making buying a home an easy task. A virtual tour of the home is the perfect tool in the hand of realtors that they can implement as a part of a successful digital marketing strategy. A virtual tour makes the tedious process of home purchasing easy for clients. One should always use the real footage of the house, bird eyes views, 3D and 2D views from different angles to make client acquainted with every aspect of the house. Remember an interactive tour is always the best way to involve customers in your property and establish authority for your brand.

5. Social media marketing strategy:-
When the market is overflowing with potential property buyers who are inclined towards doing online research before visiting the property, it is imperative that realtors make the most of a full-fledged social media marketing strategy to yield good results. A good social media marketing strategy for realtors include contents describing your current reach, status of construction, success stories, relevant SEO blogs post at regular intervals, case studies, business listings, and more. Posting across different social media platforms and addressing the queries of your readers are equally important.

6. Webinar:-
Hosting a webinar makes your brand look more experienced and professional, thus it becomes easier for customers to trust you. As a real estate professional sharing your expertise is vital so as to reach the larger audience, and Webinars and online workshops help you to achieve the same. GoToWebinar is a webinar hosting tool designed to help make creating and hosting webinar events easy. It is very user-friendly from both ends of operation and makes you stay relevant in the industry. Name and fame works a lot when it comes to marketing, and webinars make sure you attain both.

Keeping pace with frequently evolving marketing strategies is very important for realtors; it ensures that they are not diminishing from the frame. Above mentioned 6 ways can help realtors to use digital marketing tools to their boost sales.

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