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6 tips for improving Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Reputation of brand whether offline or online plays a very important role in making or breaking the brand. Not all the times, customers are happy with a brand and it is said that the occasional unhappy customer is inevitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. It is very important to address customer complaints quickly and solve them effectively. This can be done by coming to a resolution through a phone call or email, but not always this approach works. Sometimes the situation becomes problematic if the customer leaves a negative review about your brand on any online platform; which may have a damaging effect on the reputation of the brand. With the help of the internet, the space between customers and the brands has reduced to a great extent, which has enabled word-of-mouth to travel at a much faster rate and have either fatal or beneficial impact on the reputation of the brand. For this reason, effective brand communication strategy has become vital for brands to maintain their reputation online.
The best way to manage and control the impact of negative reviews is to have an online reputation management strategy in place before it becomes too late to mend. Remember, you become the worst enemy of your reputation if you are unable to conduct yourself properly online. Below mentioned are the 6 tips which will help you to enhance your online reputation management:-

1. Grow the online visibility of your product:-
If you want to build an impactful presence of your brand online, then forget about the brand and focus on the product. Yes, it your product which customers want, so, do the marketing of your product and brand will flourish by itself. Develop websites, social media profiles and other forms of SEO related content of your product that customers might search for by name or other keywords. This will help you in improving online reputation management.

2. Pay attention to your social media accounts:-
Having multiple social media accounts for your brand and product will help you to manage your online reputation only when they regularly maintained in order to garner an organic following. Engaging your followers by filling your social media with interesting content, relevant stories will increase your influence online to a great extent. If you are not aware of how to boost your online engagement or how to start it better to get help from some integrated marketing communication agency.

3. Generate and respond to online reviews:-
According to the 2018 Local Consumer Review Survey, a massive 86% of people read online reviews for businesses before deciding to make a purchase. This shows the importance of reviews in maintaining online reputation. Therefore, encourage your happy customers to talk about your brand and give reviews on different social media platforms. Apart from collecting reviews, online reputation management largely depends on how you respond to negative reviews. So, don’t try to ignore or escape from negative reviews, rather address them either by apologizing or coming to a mutual solution via phone call or email.

4. Refrain from online arguments:-
Make sure that you are never indulged in an online argument. No matter who is right or who started the dispute, it is important to understand that getting into an online argument hampers the image of your brand and is considered as unprofessional. Staying professional and not losing your cool will likely help you to maintain your online reputation and increase your customers.

5. Make genuine Amends:-
Mistakes are an inevitable part of the human nature. So they can’t be escaped but can be handled efficiently. So, if your brand makes a mistake, it is important to accept it and make a sincere apology to those who have been affected. A genuine apology followed by unconditional amends always repairs a professional relationship.

6. Invest in Online Reputation Management:-
Proactive online reputation management is very important for a successful digital marketing strategy. But brands are not always aware as to how to do it. So, it is better for them to get help from a brand communication agency because a well-managed online reputation is always worth the investment.

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