Instagram Tips for Small Business

6 Instagram Tips for Small Businesses in 2020

Instagram has proved its worth as a marketing tool for small businesses in the last few years. It has the potential to bring in many new customers and also gives many options for creative brand communication. As of July 2019, it was ranked 6th amongst the world’s most popular social network platforms, with over 1 billion users worldwide.

Building an engaging online community is the key to successfully marketing your small business on any social network. Smart work is always fruitful than hard work and when it comes to establishing your small business, this saying is the best mantra to follow.

For positioning yourself as a part Instagram community in 2020 you need to follow some tips which are mentioned below:

1. Embrace Instagram Stories:-

The stories feature on Instagram can surely help a small business Instagram page to reach more people. Stories appear at the top of followers’ feeds, which makes them stand out. They’re a lot more dynamic than regular feed posts, with tons of cool features. You can post multiple stories a day without cluttering up your followers’ feeds. The stories are considered as a part of an effective brand communication strategy.

2. See what your competitors are doing:-

If you are rejoicing in confusion and are not sure from where to begin, start following what other small businesses like yours are up to on Instagram and take inspiration from their ideas. Observe what kind of content they post, the hashtags they use, how they engage followers, and so on. It is also good to take help from a social media marketing agency if you have a blurred vision about marketing strategies.

3. Use hashtags strategically:-

Hashtags make it possible for people who don’t follow you to discover your content. Thus, it is one of the most important features of Instagram for businesses. Research has shown that using 7 or 30 hashtags per post performs best, but that it varies depending on how many followers you have. Choosing your hashtags wisely is very important in content engagement. Instagram recently added a feature allowing users to see how many people found your post through the hashtags. This can help you measure how effective your particular hashtag is in targeting an audience that can turn into your potential customers.

4. Encourage engagement:-

Engaging your followers not only encourages your followers to pay good heed to your content but also helps you to get user-generated content from them which plays a very important role in marketing. You can encourage the engagement of your followers by asking them to answer a question about themselves or to tag another user who they think needs to see your message. On Stories, you can do even more with this: use the emoji slider, quizzes, questions, and chats to get your followers actively interact with your content. You can also take advice from your followers about what kind of content they want from you.

5. Post at peak times:-

Posting your content at peak time will help you in getting more engagement from your followers. It also helps you reach out to more people and develop their interest in your content. However, the right time to post is different for all and varies according to the nuances of your specific audience. To know peak time to post, experiment with different hours and see what works best.

6. Offer exclusive discounts to Instagram followers:-

Exclusive offers will entice followers from other platforms to follow you on Instagram. It will also help you to keep your existing followers happy which further can prove helpful to you in increasing your organic reach.

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