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5 Ways To Re-Adapt Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

The past few months have been very challenging for the global economy with the onset of COVID-19 pandemic. As the world stays confined within the walls of their homes due to lockdown, online platforms are noticing a major shift in the media consumption patterns. This presents a great opportunity for digital marketers as they need to work on new search habits, new performance benchmarks and new budget alterations as the times and people consumption habits are changing.

Brand managers need to change or give a different touch to the strategies in this lockdown period. Well, in this blog we will be talking about how you can readapt your LinkedIn marketing journey to make it more empathetic and hence reach larger audiences. Consult some of the top marketing agencies in Gurgaon to curate effective LinkedIn Ads marketing campaign strategy for your brand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While at it, here are some strategies that you must check for your brand:

  1. Do not Focus on Sales NOW: The main purpose of advertising on LinkedIn is to target the businesses available. Brand managers leverage this to make attractive sales pitch to impress the parties based on industry, company and location. But as the pandemic situation has tightened, all the major industries are on hold and people are drowning in unusual work environments. This definitely clears the fact they will not waste a single money on a hard sales pitch.

    The best approach is to shift into a helpful or educational role. Focus on building useful content or access to a resource that could help them out.

    The downfall is that you might not see immediate returns from these efforts, but this can help you build your brand and create an empathetic brand persona. These brands will see you as a source of knowledge and when they’re ready to upgrade their business, they’ll not only be aware of your brand but have a positive association. Reach out to the best performance marketing agencies in Gurgaon for the best marketing services.

  2. Build Audiences Strategically: Audience building can still be a great strategy even during these strange times, as most of the global population is spending time on digital platforms by working from home, studying, attending webinars or events and so much more. Hence you can reach to millions and build a community of your own by using internet cookies:
    • a) Create audiences with shorter/longer cookie windows on platforms other than LinkedIn to accommodate and contact users based on how they are interacting with your site.
    • b) Ask employees to share their IP so you won’t accidentally include them in your audiences or analytics.
    • c) Leverage gating tactics and ask for an email address before giving access to resources to help build a custom audience you can upload to platforms.

    There are still plenty of ways audiences can be useful, and we’ll get to those next, but be aware that they might not be as foolproof as before. Build your audience through competitive strategies by consulting some of the top 10 social media marketing agencies in Gurgaon.

  3. Build Audiences Through Retargeting: As we know that LinkedIn has the highest CPCs, so many brands choose to not invest on LinkedIn Ads. They use the potential leads generated here and retarget on other platforms like Facebook and Google.

    Well, why not if your major goal is to build connections, then augment it with LinkedIn targeting? You can set up all social media channels and create your audience on all platforms and retarget to the best of your abilities across all channels. Once everyone gets back to work, it might make sense to limit LinkedIn retargeting again, but for now this is the viable strategy. Build dynamic remarketing ads by reaching out to the best remarketing ads agency in Gurgaon.

  4. Adopt Full-Funnel Marketing: During these pandemic times, all B2B buying functions have come to a halt. But that’s not always the case. Some companies are seeing businesses go through the buying stage more quickly than usual. As businesses are still willing to buy during COVID-19, you may need to touch those selling points which will continuously evolve and will eventually bring their attention towards the product/service. Reach out to the best PPC marketing companies for top paid search marketing services. You can use these strategies to touch those customer pain points:

    • a) LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads: You can use lead generation ads as a follow up conversion action. The goal here is to keep the users engaged with your brand with as little friction as possible so that when users are able to take the next step, they’ll be ready for it.
    • b) Sponsored InMail: Many users feel InMail is a bit of an invasion of privacy into their Inbox, so be sure the offer you’re making is worth the intrusion. You can offer something premium that the user won’t see anywhere else? Deep discount? Free onboarding? As long as it’s a valuable and unique offer, this could be worth a shot.
    • c) LinkedIn Video Ads: If we want a slightly softer touch, video ads can be a great way to get back in front of a target audience and get your message across in a controllable way. Video Marketing could be a good time to leverage them as a soft touchpoint in your audience’s LinkedIn feed to, again, help you stay top of mind.
  5. Stay in touch with your Customers: Stay connected to the customers throughout each stage of the buyer buying journey. Make sure that you are communicating proper expectations to your customers as they may expect a quick follow up from you.

These are some of the tricks and tactics that you must add to your LinkedIn marketing strategies during COVID-19. Don’t focus only on sales, but don’t abandon them altogether either. Be helpful and educational, capture audiences where you can, and leverage your touchpoints on all channels.

At The Marcom Avenue, which is one of the best advertising agencies in Gurgaon, we devise suitable marketing strategies for your brand.

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