5 Unwritten Rules of Social Media Marketing to look for in 2020

Brands are thriving to reach and engage its target audience through any communication medium possible. Once a platform to meet and greet friends online has now become a marketing hub for many. Traditional methods of advertisements are slowly getting stale with social media marketing picking up pace. Today, over 2.9 billion are present on at least one of the social media platforms that exist. Almost every brand that exists has its own social media account where they talk about its products or services. Cause why not? Social Media is free; until you have to boost.

Social Media Marketing has become an eminent part of how we are influenced by looking at different things, people, brand and or any brand messages now. The no. of social media users is rapidly rising and the people are spending an incessant time scrolling on social media platforms has encouraged marketers to allocate around 12% of their marketing budget on social media marketing. One of the unwritten rules of the marketing world is that in spite of the immense potential it has to generate a generous return on investment, without a decent campaign/strategy it will be difficult bet. Social media platforms hold such unwritten rules that we do not consider while preparing the strategy.

Here are some for you:

1. Page Likes matter no more: The time has changed from when the no. of likes/follows on a page mattered to determine the reach of the page to the actual reach of the page. Social Media Platforms has become advertising platforms, and the algorithms are forcing the page administrators to pay for the reach. So if you think that having 11,000 followers on Facebook will help you reach a potentially large audience and get you good result? Then think again.

2. Don’t beg for likes, shares and re-tweets: The quality of content attracts people and not begging for shares, likes or re-tweet. The brand has to engage the audience through content and otherwise. Instagram users like @wordsofworth have attracted a huge readership by posting regular content that is relevant to a large chunk of audience. Always remember, the key is to reach the target audience through relevant content marketing.

4. Know when to Post: Studies and social media analytics have shown that there is a right time to reach your target audience. Every social media platform is unique, and so there is a correct time to post for each platform, and it is necessary for the audience to know that as it’ll help in increasing the reach and engagement.

5. Create your personalised tactics and foundation; maybe copy the tactics if needed: Various bloggers, content creators, writers, share their social media tricks to reach and engage maximum people without spending on paid mediums. It is easier to copy the tactics but try to create your foundations to let the world know what you stand for. It takes a lot of time to build the foundation, and those who have built the foundations have an unfair advantage over those who have no foundation at all.

6. Intentions matter more than actions: While you are trying to enhance your social media reach, it is important to keep in mind that you have a good intent behind publishing the content. Honest and good intention will help the page to thrive for a longer.

We can conclude from the above-mentioned points that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, what matters is the intent and the relevancy. Studies show that around 20% of the Facebook posts get an emotional response. Also, there are no specific strategies in marketing that guarantee success, but the rules mentioned in the above section of this blog are pretty much true. Following these social media marketing practices can help you to some extent to achieve a better result from your upcoming social media marketing campaigns.

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