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11 Best B2B Marketing Ideas to Win Customer’s Heart

The year 2020 has presented us with the tough times battling with the COVID-19 situation to begin with; businesses are struggling to operate and survive. B2B brand marketers are in deep worry about generating orders and relevant industry leads and traffic.

As marketing amidst the crisis doesn’t seem to get easy any time soon, it requires the brands to adopt fresh strategies and try out new tactics to grab the attention of the target audience.

We, as a leading digital marketing company in Gurgaon, have devised a list of some effective marketing strategies that will help you get an edge in the market and win the customer’s heart. Let’s dive right in:

  1. Embrace Account-Based Marketing Techniques: This is a method where you need to stop focusing on developed leads and focus on targeting the unique set of accounts such as a group of senior buyers in a specific region. Account-based marketing is a B2B concept that delivers enhanced results as marketers create customized content campaigns or target a group of audience. It aims to align sales and marketing and drive higher business revenues.
  2. Leverage Live Chat and Conversational Selling: Live chat acts as a means to solve the problems immediately and provide support, and this feature has the potential of selling products effectively, and with speedy customer service. The customers love live chat as it gives them the opportunity to indulge in meaningful conversations with the company. Therefore, B2B marketers should include Conversational selling- as it is a dynamic technique to push up B2B sales without trying hard to sell the customer marketing techniques. Some of the top 10 performance marketing agencies in Gurgaon will help you in building conversational selling marketing techniques.
  3. Take Word-of-Mouth Promotion to the next level: One of the most hyped and lasting B2B marketing tactics is the word-of-mouth marketing as buyers are more likely to buy a product which has the most positive reviews. However, it is time to go beyond the traditional word-of-mouth marketing techniques. Companies can provide their valued customers with a referral incentive or provide them an email template to refer their product to someone. This serves as a good motivation to nudge your customers into action, and will ensure that your word-of-mouth marketing program brings in plenty of new customers. Hire the best marketing agencies to gain the trust of the consumers.
  4. Content is Still the King: No matter which type of industry do you cater, content is still the king and content marketing is one of the most effective B2B marketing strategies. It has the power to generate 3X more leads than traditional outbound marketing, and costs 62% less.Therefore, B2B marketers should develop their content carefully. It should be interesting, relevant and unique so that it captures readers’ interest. It is important for marketers to focus on delivering high-value content that helps you pitch your sales directly, and increase your marketing revenue. Reach out to the best search engine optimization company for creating high quality content.
  5. Adopt Email Marketing: As many people feel that the concept of email marketing is outdated, the fact remains that it is still a very potential tool that can deliver very good results, if done in a right way. One of the key factors to keep in mind is to segment your email lists so that you can focus your campaign on the nature of the target audience.Hence, B2B marketers can segment their email lists based on many factors such as age, gender, income level, past purchases and preferences. Segmented email marketing campaigns enjoy higher open rates, better lead conversions and lower unsubscribe clicks. Hire some of the top email marketing companies in India.
  6. Create Thought Leadership Value: It is important for marketers to think beyond their domain, and aim at gaining authority through thought leadership. B2B marketers need to remain innovative, and be willing to take risks as it gives them a better chance to influence leads and change the way they think. This helps them connect with the audience in a more personal way and convince them to try a product or service.
  7. Leverage Influencer Marketing: If you want to tap the wider target audience, try to leverage the power of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing builds trust in customers by developing relevant video content that relates to your brand. Therefore, do not ignore this marketing tactic as it will help you to garner more leads. Consult the best influencer marketing agency in Gurgaon for promoting your brand on different platforms creatively.
  8. Asking your Employees to promote the Brand: One of the aspects that can really transform your B2B marketing efforts is asking your employees to serve as brand advocates. Encourage employees to constantly share relevant content that gives positive information about your organization, and tells your audience members a unique story. This will influence the buyers and can amplify your marketing campaigns.So, brand managers must make sure to create a formal employee advocacy program, and give incentives to your employees so that they reach out to wider audiences and increase lead conversions.
  9. Automating the Markets: Businesses can automate the activities performed by employees using right tools and techniques. B2B marketers can gain tremendous benefits by using automated solutions to perform repetitive tasks such as social media posting and email marketing. It saves time, money and energy, thus, resulting in higher productivity. Choosing the best software will definitely enhance personalization, lead management and overall revenues. Hire the best SMO company in Delhi.
  10. Leverage Paid Media Advertising: In this digital world, from where office meetings to chit chat sessions over a movie are happening on the laptop or mobile phone devices, it is best to leverage paid media to advertise your brand. Popular paid media channels such as GoogleAds, Youtube and Instagram can help companies convert their leads effectively. This is because your customers believe in these huge brands, and they can be powerfully used for new customer acquisition. These channels can promote retargeting of the clients which increases the number of successful lead conversions, and engages a wider range of customers. Reach out to the best PPC advertising agency in Delhi NCR for responsive search ads.
  11. Leveraging Events Industry to Promote your Brand: Events are a great way to build connections with your client base. B2B companies can hold seminars, conferences, training sessions, and thought leadership workshops to offer value to their business stakeholders. Online events can also help B2B marketers forge strong relationships with their clients, and get to know them better in an informal setting. Therefore, do not ignore event marketing as it can have a powerful impact on your brand reputation and customer engagement.

These are some of the B2B marketing ideas through which you can win the customer’s heart. As an integrated marketing and communication agency, The Marcom Avenue, we develop high quality marketing techniques to help brands get what they want.

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