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The website is the first interaction a buyer has with the brand.

There are multiple phases of website development. And as a website development company in Gurgaon, we help you in all of these. Our websites have high conversion rate and great display of graphics as per the budget of the investors.

Phases of website development in Gurgaon

  1. Research and content formation:
  2. The creation process of a website starts from research. The purpose, goals and the target audience are indentified and defined for the web pages. Content is developed after taking into account the research pointers.

  3. Planning:
  4. Planning is creating a sitemap, the structure of the website, and technological support to advance the user interface and enhance the overall user experience. These things can make it easy for the curser to navigate through the brand's website.

  5. Designing:
  6. The right design sets the tone of the visual language that is the first communication of brand values. Different design elements are ingrained in any website depending upon the purpose of the website. We develop brand identity as one of the website development agencies.

  7. Development:
  8. Development is the technical part of the website construction. They involve templates, images, prototypes and database driven functions within the site.

  9. Testing & Delivering:
  10. We deliver the website with quality assurance by testing it till it reaches the breaking point in its beta version.

  11. Maintaining the website:
  12. A website is maintained by site visit activity reports on a regular basis. These reports are done once the site is operational.

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