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Creating 10,000 recipe videos for Nestle

Marketing Strategy, AI, Video Production, Content Creation, Content Marketing


Answering Nestle's call, we embraced the challenge of making their 2000 brands a household essential. Fueled by creativity and a plate of Maggi, we embarked on a journey to solidify their global icons and local favourites in every home.



Chatbot Integration
Developed Chatbot integrated with Google Assistant that suggested recipes according to a specific child’s profile and liking
Meal Plans
Created ‘Meal Plan’ gifs, stop motion, TVCs etc. with a simple 3-4 step process of creating delicious, healthy dishes that any child would gladly gulp down!
1. Developed an Interactive Chatbot Integrated with Google Assistant 2. Personalized Recipe Recommendations Tailored to Children's Preferences 3. Introduced Nestle's Unique Twist - Unconventional Ingredients for Explosive Flavour


Captivating Culinary Videos Created


Captivating Culinary Videos Created
Increase in online Brand Visibility


Increase in online Brand Visibility
Increase in consumer Engagement


Increase in consumer Engagement