The Challenge

Technostruct delivers expertly engineered buildings with modern technology in place. They offer effortless design optimization, design-conflict minimization and shrinking the margins for error omissions. Their efforts are really one of a kind in their field.

Technostruct is a B2B business and seeing the technicalities involved in this particular area our challenge was to ensure a smooth and simple flowing website while maintaining the technical bit intact so that the business’ image reflects as is.

The Solution

With minimal inputs and three weeks’ time at hand, we decided to develop a website that offered a quick turnaround time. Here’s how we went about it:

  • Being a highly technical business, we realized something we could venture into with Technostruct was a thought leadership approach because most of the traffic it would generate would be other businesses looking to tie up.
  • Technostruct as a brand offers deep consulting capabilities in a number of services, from engineering to BIM/VDC and we thus decided to dedicate separate pages around this, so as to attract users in search of that sort of information.
  • Apart from offering the client a dynamic website, we structured the website content around a very technical language. Not only did this reflect Technostruct’s expertise in the field but also reached out to the right kind of audience.
The Solution
The Result
  • Facebook followers increased by a whooping 4200+
  • LinkedIn saw traction with the addition of 500+ followers
  • New leads generated were more than 55

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