The Challenge

With such a diverse list of media platforms, it can be quite hectic to find relevant graphics and then optimize them to match the aesthetic of an app. Markie addresses this exact need, providing easy to use editing tools and professionally designed graphics templates, which can instantly be optimized and posted across all social media platforms!

The Markie team required brand promotion and customer engagement. We detailed an entire marketing strategy for them, from blog postings to SMM (social media management).

The Solution

We identified three major markets for Markie; business professionals, graphic designers, and social media users and/or influencers.

  • For business professionals with little prior experience in social media marketing and even less time to spare, the Markie app is much-needed to increase customer engagement. We focused on how easy it is to use Markie’s design tools as well as the time you could save by not posting to platforms individually.
  • The Markie app houses a massive database of professional quality graphic design templates as well as a wide range of fonts. We opened up the Markie coffers and showed off a couple of our favorite templates. Our strongest move was using the Markie app itself, to design the campaign posts.
  • We utilized an entirely different approach when targeting the younger customer segment, which consists of primarily social media users and influencers. We created superhero themed posts and incorporated a meme or two in our graphics to specifically cater to the next generation of internet users!
The Solution
The Result

The marketing campaign for Markie was a huge success and so were the numbers.

  • We managed to generate 94,000+ leads
  • The Facebook followers increased up to 35,000 followers
  • The app installs mounted up to 5,000+

Markie is currently available on the Google Play store. We have already seen over 5,000+ downloads as professionals and novices alike take note of the incredible features Markie provides! The Marcom Avenue is thrilled to have been a small but significant part of this success.

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