Cinema Advertisements

" Brands are the STARS of cinema advertisements."

Cinema Advertising in India is the most sought after way to connect with an expanded audience with shared interests. It's popular in the advertising field for over 30 years. There are more than 10,000 cinema screens across India. Advertising in cinema is cheaper and vary as per the multiplex's preference. The people present at the cinema hall are already receptive to all messages since they have come in a relaxed state of mind. This is the time to create a branded impression on the target audience.

Cinema advertising in India includes on-screen advertisements, and off-screen advertisements- arch gate, signage at entrance, seat branding, cut-out displays, standees, ticket jackets, flyers and pamphlets, Kiosk activation, branding in elevators, washrooms and snack counter and much more. A cinema advertising agency such as ourselves can help you achieve your marketing plans via cinema advertising.

Why should a brand advertise through cinema?

  • Larger than life audio-video display
  • Target TV ad avoiders here
  • Youthful demographics
  • Local advertising possibility
  • Uncluttered medium to advertise on
  • Cost-effective in the longer run
  • Attracts audience
  • Gives direct engagement
  • Lower costs than television ads
  • Receptive audience traits
  • Increased brand recollection
  • Relaxed censorship norms

The Marcom Avenue can create the most stunning masterpiece that will be your brand's cinema advertisements. We capture the essence of the brand by creating visuals that burn themselves into the viewer's mind. Effective and strong message delivery is used to create an impact fit for the "Big Screen"!

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