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Brand Launch for Ucanji

Brand launch, Performance Marketing, Paid Ads, PR


Discovering the product, identifying its unique selling points, positioning the brand, marketing it, and getting the whole show on the road. 



Web Development: Seamless User Experience
Focused on seamless user experience. Used holistic development for a robust product. Integrated OTT Learning Platform, improved education. Innovative blog enhanced engagement.
Lead Generation: Effective Growth Strategies
Deployed sales staff for personalized engagement. Leveraged Google Ads, LinkedIn for wider reach. Generated consistent qualified leads.
Content Marketing and SEO: Maximum Online Visibility
Competitor analysis drove strategic content. Identified 112 keywords for visibility. Aligned content, keywords for authority.
Social Media Optimization: Engaging Experiences
Amplified online presence through content. Flash mobs for memorable engagement. Diverse locations targeted effectively.
Experiential Engagement
Created Unforgettable Experiences by targeting Diverse Locations: Schools, Residential Areas, Malls, Corporate Parks. Innovative Approaches like Flash Mobs to captivate and engage audiences
Shaping a Strong Image by balancing Paid and Free Coverage to create a multi-faceted image by leveraging occasions like Mental Health Awareness Day and positioning Ucanji as a strong still tech start up.


Sign-Ups Achieved

1.5 M+

Sign-Ups Achieved
Social Media Followers Garnered

1 M+

Social Media Followers Garnered
Dance Courses Launched


Dance Courses Launched
Keywords Ranked No. 1


Keywords Ranked No. 1