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Supercharging lead-to-customer conversion from 2 % to 16.3% for M3M

Lead generation, Marketing strategy, Paid Media


10% lead-to-conversion ratio: M3M has a decent lead generation process in place but with just a 2% conversion rate, was struggling with quality lead gen that could be converted.


Multi-channel approach for wider reach
Leveraged search engines, display ad networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, and native ads to maximise visibility and engagement
Precision audience targeting
Utilised parameters such as keywords, job profiles, workplace, location, age group, and interests to narrow down the audience for higher relevance & engagement
Tailored campaigns to address pain points
Crafted campaigns like "pay 1% and move in" and "zero % interest". Segregated audience based on key touch points and concern.
Segmented ad sets for personalization
Created individualized ad sets for different interests, age groups, & geography to ensure relevant advertisements.
Strategic touch points and follow-up
Implemented 5 initial touchpoints to drive traffic to the landing page and executed 8 automated follow-up emails to nurture leads.


Lead-to-customer conversion rate


Lead-to-customer conversion rate