Animated Video Production

"Technological advancements utilized for advertising is rocket science."

And we are rocket scientists! Animations are captivating visuals that hold attention for long minutes. It is human nature to look at complex and unfamiliar advertisements in awe. Animated video production absorbs the complexities of a brand message and make it easy to understand.

Unique qualities that make any animated video production stand out are-

  • Story
    Complexities are omnipresent but are not easily consumed. A narrative built on these complexities makes people more receptive of the information.
  • Metaphor
    Humans are filled with behavior patterns, emotions and relations. With the right analogy, brand message is simplified.
  • Design
    Design is about finding a simplified solution for a knotty problem while bring beautification factor intact.

Animations video production services capture and replicate human emotions and their subsequent reactions. The Marcom Avenue offers a mix of story, metaphor and design with brilliant visuals and transitions in the videos. The service can be availed in any format varying from gifs, videos, ads, short films and much more. Brainstorming and creativity are key factors dedicated to building an animated video production. The services we offer are-

  • Script development
  • Design elements
  • Voice over and music integration
  • Bringing engagement in animation

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