Ad Film Production

Ad film production is a display of artistic flair with scientific techniques used. These techniques are an in-depth understanding of brand processes, communication processes, and strategy development. It is created after defining the specific audience and zeroing in on the only desired response that a brand needs to evoke. For an ad film shooting to begin, it is required initially to identify these specific triggers and then to create an evolving creative strategy to activate these triggers.

An ad film production aims to engage, entertain, spread awareness, and encourage consumer attitude to purchase. The complexities require multiple levels of communication simultaneously. Another prominent impact that an ad film must have is it the viewer needs to have brand recollection. The name, values, and product/ service range must sit in the mind of the viewer. A great ad film must have a simplified storytelling, attractive visuals through cinematography, central placement of the product/ service,

Ad film shooting connects to the rational and emotional side of a human. A big part of achieving this goal comes from the script written. It should have attention grasping words and local phrases naturally woven inside the story. The topical treatment of script always works since it is always contemporary by nature. The Marcom Avenue's professional crew is dedicated to pre, during and post-production to know what works with the audience and the brand's USP. We can make ad film productions as follows-

  • YouTube ads
  • Live-Action videos
  • Animated videos
  • Motion infographics
  • Television advertisements
  • Cinematic advertisements

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