The Challenge

Zynk fitness is know for coming up with an ingenious way to exercise using Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) that can cut down your exercise time to just 30 minutes a week!

Our challenge was to display to the public, the effectiveness of this amazing Fitness! We took to social media platforms and our video editing booth; a few successful campaigns later, we had the Zynk message perfected!

The Solution

Target markets identified were athletes, fitness enthusiasts and working men and women with little free time. Accordingly, the benefits of the regime were highlighted.

  • The short workout time and various health benefits of the routine were endorsed to working professionals & health conscious people alike which then successfully worked with the target market.
  • The athlete advantage – We took a little help from known athletes, and onboarded them to pose for the Zynk athletic campaign. This influencer marketing technique really helped boost leads.
  • The advantages of Zynk were showcased through real, live testimonials by their own customers!
The Solution
The Result
  • Facebook followers increased by a whooping 4200.
  • LinkedIn saw traction with the addition of 500+ followers.
  • New leads generated were more than 55.

The Marcom Avenue’s campaign strategies have helped Zynk capture a larger market in India while also promoting the idea of a smart workout.

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