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The website is the first impression of the business for any viewer.

A website design is a magical process in which through which a viewer gets cocooned into the brand and emerges as a customer.

Website design hold within itself different disciplines. A harmonious sync of these created by best website design services keep the visitors coming back. The disciplines are web graphic design, Interface design, authoring- standardized code & proprietary software, user experience design, search engine optimization.

Alongside these, the best website design agency must also provide any brand a website built on the following elements-

  1. "Good looks, do matter."- The visual appearance of the website should be simple, familiar, intuitive, clean and accessible. The visual design directs visitors' eyes with different pattern formations with brand's logo, navigation, and search box.
  2. Dominating color scheme- The color scheme used on website creates opinions of the viewers about the business. There two aspects to the color scheme selection that the best website design company in Gurgaon look into. The brand's industry color selection, and the reader's expectations.
  3. Typography- Typography sets the mood for receiving the brand message. The requirement is to balance between what is accepted and what is new.
  4. Navigation- Navigation provides information for urgent consumption. Navigational elements are site's header, body and footer.
  5. Content- Consistent, concise, and efficient. These are the three qualities that content should have. Website content needs to informative and organizational.
  6. Mobile- friendly- Mobile friendly website are a requirement. Maximum traffic on any site comes from mobile users.

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