The Challenge

Teckhnoaid houses tech experts that provide extremely efficient setups and quick fixes for any antivirus you can name!

Particularly proud of their technical skill, Teckhnoaid boasts of antivirus support, setup and maintenance for even the most off-brand softwares in the market today. Our work with them was centered on two fronts: website and lead generation.

The Solution

Teckhnoaid was trying to enter a field already dominated by big names in the industry. However, they had something no one else did, and here’s how we marketed it:

  • Teckhnoaid provides support for any and all antivirus software while most big businesses only provide support for their own products. We focused on this key difference and marketed it across search engines and social media platforms. Not surprisingly many people prefer to use free software.
  • We put our crack team of website designers and developers on the job. Within a week, the Teckhnoaid site was up and running with clean, minimalist designs and bold eye-catching graphics that dominate the screen every time you visit the website.
  • We found that Teckhnoaid also provided a host of computer repair services. We individually focused on their multi-operating system support, creating separate pages for each. Then we pushed their computer repair solutions up by a few inches on the home page and the leads started coming in!
The Solution
The Result

The increase in engagement and number generated were as follows:

  • The number of leads that were generated was 55+
  • We identified about 3 new target demographics
  • Target market expanded 1.5x

With a completely new look and boosted leads, Teckhnoaid enjoys the benefits of fresh new leads every day. Their reputation of all-inclusive support staff has been spread across the web and they receive new queries about off-brand antiviruses and iOS fixes on a daily basis.

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