The Challenge

The perfect way to describe Sham Emporium – regal! Sophisticated stylings and decadent designs are the hallmarks of this chic home furnishing organisation. Providing practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions in the friendliest possible manner, Sham Emporium already had a pretty loyal customer base when we started.

Our challenge was to propel Sham Emporium from a household name to a national brand. We engaged customers on social media platforms and organised collaborations to hit all target markets. Sham Emporium has since seen an amazing influx of new leads and customer interactions.

The Solution

The target audience for Sham Emporium was pretty much anyone looking to spice up or to completely revamp their house. This included home makers, interior designers, new house owners and even high end housing contractors to name just a few. With such a large target market, it became a true challenge for us to reach everyone – and we love a good challenge!

  • Larger Than Life: Sham Emporium’s strength lay in its unique designs and comprehensive inventory. We wanted to brand them as more than a furniture store; as a home decor store! We focused on popular products for the month, in creative interior design setups.
  • A Seat For Two: We thoroughly enjoyed engaging customers on the Sham Emporium social media fronts.Our posts on interesting furniture facts and interior design tips had huge organic reach and received a lot of positive feedback in form of comments and shares. This type of engagement further led to the birth to our two largest Sham Emporium campaigns!
The Solution
The Result

We marketed the hotel’s luxury in a way that projected their actual humbleness and that really worked:

  • Facebook gained about 8200+ followers
  • Posts managed to get over 1000 likes
  • Twitter was already gaining 100+ likes

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