The Challenge

Save the Children has a remarkable global presence in more than 80 countries and is working for years in order to improve the lives of children through better education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, as well as providing emergency aid in natural disasters, war, and other conflicts.

Save the Children engaged us to give them an effective marketing platform and prepare online strategies that can motivate people to donate to help Save the Children to work well for the noble cause.

The Solution

After analyzing and studying in-depth about the work Save the Children is doing, We came up with a strategy for them!

  • It was very important that people know that Save the Children is working in the welfare of the children for years and how it has transformed many lives. We showed this using small videos of the Volunteers of this NGO, Interviews of the children who got the NGO’s support. We also used facebook video campaigns to spread positive messages to help these children, that engaged people not only emotionally but also strongly motivated them to donate for the welfare.
  • We used real statistics to show the progress of NGO and how they still need to rescue many deprived children by providing them with better education and healthcare, for which they need people to come together and donate to build a better life for these children.
  • We used Facebook as a primary vehicle to bring awareness about the poor conditions these children are living in. This strategy compelled the audience to donate and share the posts in their connections too which helped us to reach more donors.
  • We also maintained a correlation between their official website and the landing page that we have for them, we even used the same donation gateway to maintain the transparency with the NGO and the donors.
The Solution
The Result

We marketed the work of the NGO in a way that projected their achievements and how it changed the lives of many underprivileged children and it really worked:

  • The number of donations increased by 72%
  • Amongst recent donors, the median amount donated or sponsored was 3,600 rupees.
  • 42% of people did multiple donations

The Marcom Avenue is glad to have been a carrier to bring the donations for helping the deprived children and Save the Children now possess active donors and high visibility in the social media space.

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