The Challenge

SARC Associates, a leading player in finance industry that provides a wide range of financial, legal and taxation services to many esteemed organisations. SARC enables stakeholders to better understand the financial position of their business by ensuring accountability and transparency.

SARC enlisted us for our web development process and SEO Expertise. SARC has many B2B connections and seeing the technicalities involved in the finance industry. Our challenge was to deliver a well structured website which ensures the ease of use too.

The Solution

Now the time was to plan and execute our actions, we designed a website that not only offers the technical knowledge with a quick turnaround time but also is easily crawlable by Search Engine Bots. Here’s how we went about it:

  • SARC being a leading financial and legal service provider has the highly technical solutions to provide their clients, keeping that, we made our website and SEO activities to cater a thought leadership approach because most of the traffic it would generate would be other organizations looking for their advisory.
  • SARC offers financial, legal and tax related consulting services, we thus have separate sections highlighting these services, so that users can easily avail the related information.
  • We offered a dynamic website with a section for insights and blogs where they can share deep technical information about their services and their related industry.
  • We also structured the website content in a way that not only reflects SARC’s expertise in the field but also reached out to the right audience.
The Solution
The Result

Our Technical team ensured to deliver them a website which is user friendly but also reflects the solemnity of their services and our SEO Experts enabled this website to make a global presence which also gave SARC a global reach.

  • Catapulted the website visits to 10,000 people within 6 months.
  • Conceptualized and delivered 50+ thought leadership blogs within 6months time.
  • 30+ Keywords had Top 10 ranking within 6 months.
  • Their website is now listed on 50+ business listing website

The Marcom Avenue is delighted to see their efforts paying off and how their designed website and SEO strategies are generating huge digital reach for SARC and helping it reach the global heights.

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