Retail Activation

Think of marketing as the pied piper, luring customers to your store. But what do you do once they’re in your store?

Consider us the marketing moguls of in store promotion ideas, charged with turning your window shoppers into binge buyers, driving those browse-only customers into a shopping frenzy!

Types Of In Store Promotions

Visual Merchandising

Put your best foot forward - or in this case, your best product! Our visual merchandising techniques extend beyond placing your best selling items on display. We consider product pairings, background aesthetics, festive discounts and much more!

Retailer Pop Ups

A pop up shop can make your customer’s jaw drop, engaging the physical environment around them to create an immersive shopping experience. We provide pop up shop rental guidance, brand colour combinations and invaluable pop up shop tips just as starters!


If you’ve ever tried a free cheese sample in a supermarket, you’re well aware of the power of sampling! But this isn’t limited to food items only! Customers love to try before they buy (or don’t buy). Our innovative sampling techniques on the other hand will ensure they try and then buy!

Sales Promotions

Diwali discounts, end of year exhibitions, merchandise marketing, party promotions, our sales promotion ideas are designed to raise your profits through the roof and as you can see, we have no shortage of ideas!

How we do it?

In Store Promotion Ideas -> Setup Guidance -> Logistics Management -> Offer Promotions -> Sales!


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