The Challenge

Since the advent of technology and social media, the travel brand’s journey has become very different than it used to be. Ready Set Trip is a newly evolving travel agency which has a hands-on experience fuelled by the desire to explore and discover offline. They were new to the digital market and want to build a market of their own on social media with their travel deals and adventures.

The main challenge that The Marcom Avenue had to deal with was the fact that the brand was yet to established on social media platforms. We need to set their audience and help them gain status in the travel industry. They deliver travel packages for Uttarakhand, Shimla, North- East, Bali, and Thailand. We have limited locations and lucrative offers to target. It was a challenging part as we need to broaden touchpoint, timings and context.

The Solution

After analysing, we observed that consumers no longer decide on a destination alone and book their tickets. Instead, their path to travel, both purchase and experience, has become nonlinear. They turn to their friends, coworkers, and influencers within the expanding social media world to find travel and vacation inspiration and even deals to support their newly discovered destination. After deep research, social media marketing seemed like the best avenue for building the brand’s image and we utilized it in the following manner:

  • We showcased authenticity by building their brand name on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. The power of Instagram is increasing at a fast pace with its 1 billion users. Also, travel businesses are otherwise reconfiguring their look and the experiences they offer with visual posts in mind. We created visuals to build affinity and increase brand momentum
  • Visually strong posts were delivered which displayed scenic pictures and impressive travel offers. We also put in some taglines which demonstrate the key features of a place like for Kerala we made a creative post which says, ‘A peaceful solitude to Backwater of Allepey’.This post boosted personal relevance and connected the audience through the brand.
The Solution
The Result
  • 4x leads through lead generation and social media marketing
  • #Ghumakkaddil connected well with audiences and received a good number of comments.
  • Guided customer journey and converted good number leads through social media platforms

Overall, Ready Set Trip brand is growing with impressive numbers. Also, we learnt that strong visuals work well for the travel industry on Instagram and Facebook. We delivered our best! We wish them ‘All the Best’ and thanks for letting us build your social identity.

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