The Challenge

Sector 29 has become the new hub for Gurgaon youth to party with abandon, and that too in a new place every night! This might shed some light on why cafes and pubs have a tough time branding themselves amongst the bustle of competitors old and new.

However, Raise The Bar got it right! The perfect location – a rooftop cafe and an eclectic assortment of entertainment – popular DJs from around the nation. What they needed was a larger audience, an online one.

The Solution

Our social media team was bustling with ideas before we even began. Here’s how we funneled it all into a successful marketing campaign.

  • We focused our attention on the wide variety of cocktails and mouthwatering dishes of the restro-bar and hired professional photographers to do photo shoots of these excellent aperitifs! On Facebook particularly, these photos started receiving upwards of 150 likes!
  • One of the campaigns involved a bait and reel-in strategy. The first part or the ‘bait’ was discounted drinks and lucrative offers, posted across social media channels to create awareness. Part two was the ‘reel-in’, where photographers captured the merriment among Raise The Bar patrons. Some of these pictures then made it to Page 3 in Gurgaon Times!
  • Zomato presented the perfect platform for Sector 29 related marketing. After hiring a dozen bloggers, we shortlisted them on basis of whether or not they had visited Raise The Bar before and put them to work. We asked them to paint a fair, truthful picture of their experience at Raise The Bar to create credibility.
The Solution
The Result

We marketed the hotel’s luxury in a way that projected their actual humbleness and that really worked:

  • Facebook gained about 82,000+ followers
  • Posts managed to get over 1000 likes
  • Twitter was already gaining 100+ likes

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