Newspaper/Magazine Stories

Sometimes an ad in a newspaper or magazine just doesn’t cut it. What you need is an advertorial which is just a like a newspaper article, except it is written by us for your brand to market your brand and make it more visible. Information, stories, and answers are what an audience needs to engage with your brand and trust it. We do that for you by capitalizing on your brand’s story and utilizing this extremely powerful marketing tool. Our content team will put all our resources in crafting a compelling story for your brand which seems less like an advertorial and more like a real story.

The key to a good advertorial and getting it published is making it as publishable as possible which minimizes effort on the part of the editor. We know how to make it happen, we are aware of the right kind of language to be used, the right kind of audience to target and the correct images to use. Yes, we source the exact photos that would suit well with the piece and with such a complete piece your advertorial is likely to be published instantly. Our expertise in the area offers quick and effective results.

If you have an interesting story to tell, trust us with it and we will curate it with perfection, to help you gain more traction and quality customers.

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