The Challenge

Whether it’s the inviting aroma of that morning cup of coffee, the nutritional allure of a bowl of cereal or the energy packed, sugary goodness of their chocolate bars, Nestle has grown from a dominating brand to a staple in every Indian household!

Nestle enlisted us for our graphic designing process. Our graphic designers pulled out all the stops, sparing no effort in creating some truly brilliant posts!

The Solution

Our talented bunch of graphic designers understood the needs of the target audience and streamlined designing processes accordingly.

  • The target market – parents and families – led us to promote nutrition as a strong part of the campaign, our designers started creating fresh, eye-catching graphics and gifs to entice the audience and lay to rest any health concerns.
  • By selling the idea of tasty yet healthy food to children, we could prompt parents to happily purchase these nutritional Nestle products. We started incorporating this approach and pairing healthy food items with tasty additions to create delicious looking images.
  • The most effective type of animation we created for Nestle was our set of ‘Meal Plan’ gifs. These gifs encompassed simple 3-4 step processes of creating delicious, healthy dishes that any child would love! At the end of every gif was a Nestle twist – a nonconventional ingredient added to a traditional dish.
  • We also began dispelling some of the harmful myths around health and nutrition through informative graphic driven posting, while simultaneously promoting Nestle’s health food brands.
The Solution
The Result

We marketed the hotel’s luxury in a way that projected their actual humbleness and that really worked:

  • Facebook gained about 8200+ followers
  • Posts managed to get over 1000 likes
  • Twitter was already gaining 100+ likes

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