The Challenge

Stem cell therapies have been around for a while, and the richest source of these cells lie in the umbilical cords of newborns. MyCord collects and stores these umbilical cords for future use, offering a huge pool of cord samples to choose from at a later date.

They wanted us to plan a detailed social media campaign in addition to a host of articles explaining the wonders of stem cell banking. We took up the challenge eager to help create awareness about this little known but highly effective field of medicine.

The Solution

The target market for MyCord comprised of expecting parents, but more heavily focused on mothers. We created powerful, emotional campaigns to attract them.

  • We wrote dozens of interesting blogs, filled with information about the wonders of stem cell pool banking. We wanted to dispel the myths associated with stem cells and present them as a healthy, painless method of keeping your family protected. Keywords research was expertly handled, with most of our used keywords reaching page 1 of Google’s (SERPs).
  • Our series of posts on prenatal advice and tips for healthy eating gained a lot of attention. MyCord doctors and specialists would verify post content before publishing, to ensure the accuracy of information provided. MyCord received a lot of appreciation for their health tips.
  • We created campaigns for MyCord centered around the responsibilities of becoming a new parent, the joy it brings and the changes it causes in lifestyle. These promotional posts gained a lot of likes and added customer engagement on top of that!
The Solution
The Result

We marketed the hotel’s luxury in a way that projected their actual humbleness and that really worked:

  • Facebook gained about 8200+ followers
  • Posts managed to get over 1000 likes
  • Twitter was already gaining 100+ likes

MyCord is pushing the boundaries of medicine in India with their unique take on stem cell pool banking. Stem cells were once

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