The Challenge

Where people saw latitudes and longitudes, Lepton saw the true potential behind location intelligence solutions. Lepton has been providing smart location-based services to a multitude of industries for over 20 years.

With over two decades of experience in location and map engines, Lepton was instrumental in bringing Google Maps to India. So what then could such a large organization need? They came to us with a requirement for exemplary SEO services, and that’s just what we gave them.

The Solution

The main challenge was that Lepton wanted to present themselves to a wider range of industries through articles detailing possible uses of their products.

  • The Lepton Google Maps solution provides all functionalities of a typical maps engine, but supercharged to include additional features of asset tracking and web control. We wrote detailed articles on how this solution was being used in insurance agencies to identify high-risk areas, in the transport industry to create detailed logistics and in the health industry to gamify fitness routines!
  • The NetworkAccess product caters specifically to the telecoms industry only. The powerful network analytics, inventory management, and fiber feasibility features make NetworkAccess a must have for any telecom company. We just spread the word!
  • As the name suggests, rfMaps uses radio frequencies to create detailed digital maps. And in a world obsessed with the internet, we decided to leverage their wireless and wireline planning capabilities in articles that highlighted the application of rfMaps in Government, Telecoms, Infrastructure development, and DTH industries.
The Solution
The Result

We marketed the hotel’s luxury in a way that projected their actual humbleness and that really worked:

  • Facebook gained about 8200+ followers
  • Posts managed to get over 1000 likes
  • Twitter was already gaining 100+ likes

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