The Challenge

Kliffhanger is all men wardrobe fashion brand which is recently launched. As an emerging e-commerce brand they expect to gain customer loyalty and delivering a unique concept of men fashion shopping before launch. Channelising management optimization for a men fashion brand was a enriching experience.

The main challenge for The Marcom Avenue was Kliffhanger was a new brand all together which was adding a twist to the men fashion shoppers with its unique concept of customising their own wardrobe with the basic clothes. 

The Solution

Kliffhanger to amplify their retails took the help of full-service eCommerce agency ‘The Marcom Avenue’ i.e us to devise and implement a strategy that would enable them to take back control of its brand online. We worked closely with the team to gain an in-depth understanding of the unique personality of the business. Social Media Marketing seemed like the best avenue for building the brand’s image and we utilized it in the following manner:

  • Demonstrated uniqueness and discover men’s fashion industry for a unique brand like Kliffhanger. Improved brand salience for better reach and productivity. Also, broaden touchpoint timing and context. After analysis, we also gathered product usage analytics to build a fame spot for the brand
  • After a few trial days, we have modified the page with a segment of the creative posts which were only on the colour theme of ‘Black & White’. The posts were about basic clothing with one highlighted word and a well-placed logo.
  • At its core, marketing is all about communicating with your customers in their own language on the platforms where they hang out. Creating proper documentation and workflow gained a lot of impressive tractions and results.
The Solution
The Result
  • Gained customer loyalty and 2x engagement in just two months
  • #Backtobasics created hype and reach around 1,500+ people in just one month.
  • Generated organic traffic with good reach and engagement

This analytics were generated over 2 months of the time period and will continue to grow further.

It was exciting to work with a men fashion brand with a unique and fresh concept.

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