The Challenge

Electrolux Professional is an internationally trusted partner making work-life easier, more profitable. Whatever your business is, they will turn it into the most sustainable experiences in Food, Beverage, and Laundry over a lifetime.

However, being new in India they wanted to be familiar within Indian markets and be a trusted brand, They were interested in getting more leads and pushing the brand towards more profitability through email marketing.

The Solution

To cover every aspect of our target we devised a detailed strategy with a focus on creating brand visibility and to keep a constant touch with the stakeholders and potential clients.

  • We created two kinds of email journeys, one for the existing customer base for a constant touch and reminder about the brand and another one for the potential customers to inform them about Electrolux’s services and innovations to make their business more profitable.
  • We used Drip Marketing to design the email journey for all the customers, and each action by the customer had a follow up attached, so even if the customer was not clicking on the CTAs then we had separate emails that were automatically shared containing attractive offers.
  • We started sending more engaging emails with the purpose of boosting our call to action. Call to action varied from asking customers to make a purchase or to get more information about the product or visit our experience center near them for a feel of the usage of the product, We also shared multimedia email highlighting the ways Electrolux can make their lives easy and how they can boost their growth.
  • To retain the existing customers', we shared retention emails like offers, product suggestions, feedback, and surveys which proved to be extremely helpful.
  • We also tried split testing emails ( A/ B testing) to confirm what type of email works best for the brand and what type of email gains a large number of open and click rates.
The Solution
The Result

‚ÄčOur marketing strategies made our client happy generating an impressive impact.

  • Open rate boosted by 25%
  • 35% qualified leads
  • Click through rate increased by 5.5%

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